03 February 2015

Fleur Denim

It sucks that every post I put it seems to start off with apologies to my readers for not posting more often, and again, I have not abandoned you dear provokees. I shot two videos around Camden and Shoreditch two weeks ago and hope to post them up in a week or two once the footage is properly edited, still honing down to the right song to go with the mood. Currently, I'm up to my eyeballs in deadlines, meetings, projects, most if not all related to my final year collection, and I hate that I feel like I'm pulling myself out of friend circles and blogging as well, but I hope this little post here can make it up to you guys. Dear Melody aka. Meowie joins the 'crew' and made her way here to London, and since my cactus Harley needed a new pot, I figured going to Columbia Road Flower Sunday Market and ask people if they sold pot would be the right way to go, don't you? As we slowly blended into and merged with the slow shifting crowds of locals and tourists in a cramped narrow road, I sworn I will not spend a dime on new flowers that will welt in a week, then it hit me, I could always dry my flowers and keep them on permanent display, so in a haze of fresh cut flowers and pollen blazing about, I left with six bundles, hardly being able to carry them around without looking like I work there. I would've loved to stay and smell the eucalyptus leaves and one pound lavenders but the cold was just too unbearable, and my exposed ankles turned white, which was a sign that my nerves needed to be revitalized. I could've sworn I saw Jessica Stein from Tuula Vintage there, all six foot (or more) of her, but then again isn't she in Maldives according to her Instagram feed? So I tweeted her to confirm and indeed yes, it was her. From Maldives to freezing London? I choose the former, let's trade Jess.
jeans UNIQLO
loafers CÉLINE

photography MELODY TAN
editing BRYANT LEE

16 January 2015

Her Second Skin

Let me take you down memory lane, mine to be specific, to when I was living and working in New York half a year ago, where post-work and weekend activities with my urban family involved random acts commonly and overly known as 'shenanigans' (god, I miss them). If it was an act of hipsterity (hipster-ness?), we did it. So for the youthful New York hipsters, where else to squander our low and virtually non-existing salaries than Williamsburg. One of us suggests we meet at the trendy Nitehawk Cinema (the ones that play film festival indie movies while can dine along side your theater experience) on Metropolitan Avenue for the screening of Nymphomaniac 2 where we can judge Charlotte Gainsbourg's risk-kay performance where the excessive nudity is still considered tastefully done, but it never dawned on us that other hipsters would've beat us to it and tickets were sold out on arrival. Merde! So we reluctantly settled for ScarJo's indie film Under Her Skin, which left us leaving the theater feeling lost, perplexed, and confused as to why we put ourselves through that for two hours. If it weren't for ordering the truffle popcorn, that night would've been seriously lacking in flavor. Which brings me to the topic on skin, second skin that is. Perhaps we're slowly witnessing a paradigm shift back to more, dare I say, bodycon ensembles, Normcore was well and all, but even 'saturated minimalism' (which sounds like an oxymoron) gets boring after the millionith tumblr page that reblogs the reblogs of the same basic shots. Perhaps it's the fact that I study fashion design, where creating looks that are minimalistic is a crime far worse than a look that exhibits 'bad taste'. Which leads me to justifying this outfit (sort of), that is what I'd imagine one of the casts from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills would wear around West Hollywood post-spin-class with her sister talking about how eating kale is basically eating plate garnish. It's a take on reformulating the casual LA matching tracksuit; minus the 'juicy' ass-logo, since mine is far from that.
trousers LLUNAA
socks H&M

06 January 2015

Castle in the Sky

2015. The year I both fear and anticipate. 'Tis the year I finally graduate university in London and dive into the real world. I apologize for the sparsely uploaded blog posts, but as I said, I need to put my education first and foremost and focus on my final year at school, but I promise just as soon as I graduate, I will launch The Provoker 2.0, the upgrade is worth the wait. Think added lifestyle videos of me basically exploring cities and eating my way through them, hanging out with interesting people, and general provocation of course. As I type this, I bid my winter holiday farewell as work mode kicks in and the Monday blues come full force since I'm preparing for my journey away from the comforts of Hong Kong and back to London. I'm packing my suitcase (again at the very last minute), trying to imagine a vortex or wormhole in my suitcase that can magically teleport or shrink five suitcases worth of property into one. Tell me I'm not the only who does this! Oh yeah, I'm a recovering hoarder which doesn't quite sound like a sexy trait worthy to put on your Tinder profile, but just like many of you, I hoard. So whilst I take my Tetris skills #ChildhoodGameStrong and apply them to my suitcase, let me share some throwback shots Natalie took of me back in Paris. Wishing all my readers and provokees a successful and smooth new year ahead! #MUAH
 shirt CÉLINE

photography NATALIE CHYI

24 December 2014

Island Hopper

Merry Christmas one and all! Or the more politically correct greeting: Happy Holidays! Ok, guys! I've been videoing snippets my life as much as I can on my iPhone 6, and frankly, I love it (the quality's amazing). So what you have seen here in photos will soon be made into a montage on YouTube, so get ready to know me in motion, not just stills. Last week, Bryant, Zoe and I hosted our out-of-town friends Eugenie, Natalie, David, Melody, and Oscar; and since we felt the island of Hong Kong got a bit overcrowded this holiday season, we took to sea to the off island of Cheung Chau, where seafood was lush and abundant, biking replaced walking, sea front property was ubiquitous, local businesses were humble, and cotton candy portions were generous, very generous. We wandered around the edges of the island, and somehow settled on these cliff boulders like mermaids on the rocks. Come to think of it, it literally looks like we could be have been exploring off the coast of sunny Santorini, I doubt anyone who sees the first shot here would immediately think Hong Kong, since this is a side of the city you don't see that often heh! As if jumping around steep cliffs with expensive camera equipment weren't risky enough, we promptly crawled through a tiny narrow pitch black cave, but since we all wielded fully charged iPhones, we lit the way with our flashlights and prayed for this cave not to cave in (there's a clip of us climbling out like proper survivors). Now, about the ensemble, I've put together double white denim simply because it's about time I did that, and a plaid turtleneck top to match my plaid skaters. Finally a graffiti-canvas backpack you're all probably sick of seeing but come on, it's practical for cave hunting and cliff jumping days, so let this one pass, aaaight?
sunglasses CÉLINE (SIMILAR)
backpack CHANEL
skaters CÉLINE

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