29 September 2014

Featured in MetroPop Magazine

Monday mornings... they can feel like a mild case of depression wash over you as you swipe your phone or in some cases smash them to activate snooze mode; but wait, you can't... It's Monday so you have to get up and get shit done. But at least in my case, I woke up to discover I received a little something in the post - a magazine that made its way half way around the earth, all the way from Hong Kong. No, it's not a subscription, I'm not that dedicated to reading materials ever since the internet existed. Back in July, I spent some time visiting family whilst working on a few projects in Hong Kong, and one of those projects was an interview feature and photo shoot with MetroPop, a weekly magazine that covers anything from art, culture, music, design, beauty, health, and of course fashion. I'm delighted to be part of their 420th issue, and even more delighted to find out I received a three page spread in print #SWOON! I'm still snuggled up in pajamas, with a serious case of bed hair, but I'm already reaching for the camera and putting this featured post up. As much as I'd love to say 'read away!' I think my non-Chinese reading readers might just have some difficulty in deciphering the code. Oh trust me, you're not the only one, I too have difficulty when it comes to reading though speaking wise I'm fine. But don't worry, it's more or less simply me describing what it means to be a 'provoker', blurring gender lines, my undying love for novelty accessories and a styling tip or two. Okay, now back to the real world, with my eyes glued to a monitor and caffeine coursing through my veins. What courses through your veins in the morning? Tell me!
A big provocative thank you to MetroPop for featuring me.

25 September 2014

Navy Moments

After vetoing what felt like sixty potential outfits in my mind, I grew weary from that incessant psychoanalytical internal debate that drove me to the brink of sartorial-insanity. I feel like when people say 'don't overthink it', you probably already did. So if you were to think about that, you'd have thought more, thus, further overthinking it... right? Okay, I'm spiraling down a mental affair I can't get out of without professional help. So, after indeed overthinking it, I said fuck it, I'd just wear a one-piece. Let me tell you, once I've decided the base of my ensemble, it was a load off my mind! Hence this navy knit dress, all hail navy to save the day; I swear, navy IS the new black! Alright, now the matching of my starry shoes and Heidi book clutch may appear as a conscious accessorizing decision, it actually was pure coincidence, seriously! Perhaps my mind subconsciously picked up on the colors, and whispered to my consciousness like, "Hey girl, I think you should totally hold onto an embroidered box and put on those all-star bowling shoes with a wooden platform." And my weak-willed consciousness that always yields replies, "Um, hells yeah! That's not weird at all." The sad thing is she wasn't being sarcastic or ironic. So I did, and hey, for once it worked out quite well. Ma' novelty accessories did me proud! So just as everything seemed to fall into place, and my London Fashion Week can commence properly with the right look, I came to realize I've chosen a boiling hot day to wear a long sleeved, over-the-knee knit dress with a turtleneck #merde. Another one of my inglorious moments that keeps me grounded. Come to think of it, there's a chance I forgot to put on underwear, now that would be mortifying... there goes another dollar in the shame-jar.
 photography by Adam Katz Sinding for Le21ème & W Magazine


16 September 2014

The Provoker X THE OUTNET

Firstly, let me apologize for the slight delay on posts, I've been occupied. I'm aware of the necessity of improving on organization skills, but I can't help but envy anyone who possesses a PA (shout out to all personal assistants in the world!). As I type this, I'm seated on the Eurostar just six rows of seats away from Stanley Tucci (Nigel from The Devil Wears Prada) on 'our' way to Paris. Yes, I'm certain that's him after awkwardly locking eyes twice while we stood in line at Caffe Nero. Can I be Anne Hathaway for just like two minutes? Okay, back to reality, which is a cramped window seat full of my overfilling bags and croissant crumbs all over myself, how chic. Speaking of chic, I do in fact have something prepared for those of you who are more interested in obtaining styling inspiration than my uncomfortable, crumb-infested French journey. Recently, I worked with The OUTNET - the mecca of online shopping - who provided a few pieces to progress with a mini-editorial styling shoot. My penchant for novelty accessories and shooting my looks in front of graffiti murals is perhaps the best way to put a personal spin on these styled looks. A total of four, with graphic backdrops and thrifted neckerchiefs sourced from Brick Lane (aren't they fetching!) as the common thread that metaphorically ties the shoot together. I can't help but be a little bummed I could've spread the shoot into four separate posts; then again, that will be cheating, sort of. Witness as I provoke the industrial rundown regions of London, and my love for disheveled locales meets subversive styling, a true editorial fit for any provoker

Alrighty then, are you ready for a rapid narration of not one, but four looks in thirty seconds or less depending how quick you can read?! Go! Outfit number one's pretty self-explanatory: printed canvas Acne culottes may seem like the focal point, but my gummy bear love clutch would beg to differ. Look two is when you cross a skater boy with a milk maid. Talk about functional fashion, I not only can skate off at any moment, but also milk cows in these Mih jean dungarees; and whilst we're still on the topic of cattle, let's move onto my third farm fresh look aka. The Hackney Hillbilly. Same denim, different shades. If I committed a fashion faux pas of wearing a denim jacket with denim trousers, then that's faux sure the case here (that was not a pun). I love an off-beat ensemble as much as the next weirdo, the disconnect in this look appeals to me since it forever oscillates between an 80s vintage mood but with a modern embroidered book clutch and patent loafer sandals; all hail the clash! And finally the look du jour (since we consider provocativeness as a grading system here on The Provoker). This frilly Chloé pleated organza top once housed a giant cupcake, but now I've taken over. No look is complete without grungy jeans, and Junya Watanabe perfected the DIY-esque fringe hem cause ma' ankles also like to party, party, party! Swoosh! And because pairing the look with burgundy pilgrim chunky heels makes no sense, I went with it, not just cause they're Miu Miu, no... I'd never do that.
photography by Annissa Mawinda and Christine Adelina

bandana VINTAGE | sunglasses KAREN WALKER (HERE) | shirt THEORY (HERE) | dungarees MIH JEANS (HERE) | sneakers BALENCIAGA

jacket THEORY (HERE) | neckerchief VINTAGE | cardigan CHANEL VINTAGE | jeans WRANGLER | loafers 3.1 PHILLIP LIM | clutch OLYMPIA LE-TAN (HERE)

neckerchief VINTAGE | top CHLOÉ | jeans JUNYA WATANABE | heels MIU MIU

Special thanks to The OUTNET team for this styling collaboration.

08 September 2014

Eye am The Provoker

One of the things on my bucket-list is to fulfill my dream of going through with an American road-trip, driving through all the states and rolling through the deserts like Wile E. Coyote and The Road Runner. Unfortunately current commitments would have it that I'm bound to the UK; no complaints, but sometimes this 'Londoner' needs to get out of the city. So my blogger bestie Claire (Chouquette) and I decided to pay her old hometown a visit. We took to the road a bottle of coconut water, the latest Porter Magazine issue, an impromptu outfit, and a DSLR and drove straight to Essex. This particular cornfield (now trimmed) is tinged with nostalgia and bittersweet memories for Claire, so it was fittingly endearing that a shoot commenced right here on this very foundation. As scenic as the setting was, I'd be the first to admit that ninety percent of the activities we did were drenched with clichés, then again, I like cliché. For those of you who've been following my Instagram (@the_provoker), you'd have already seen an instavideo of Claire and I joining arms and spinning in circles like fourteen year old girls at a hippie festival... Yep, the gypsy and the tomboy, the pair of us! #sorry. It's the affordable version of Kate and Naomi, Alexa and Poppy, Bonni and Clyde! What made the meadow field all the more perfect was witnessing the gradual country sunset and watch the sky fade pink. Did I feel like I was in a Mulberry ad? No, no, I felt like it was Chloe. The only downside to this all was trying to hop over a barbed fence in bare legs and dungaree shorts; luckily I've checked, both balls still intact. Note to self: bring jeans. Alright, I think I've provided you all with enough context regarding what happened behind the scenes, so now, the clothes. I've unknowingly channeled Alexa Chung today, breton stripes and dungees, need I say more? It's a good look, now approximate and shop it! Then pop on some glittery sandals and compliment these sparkly shoes with an even more sparkly bag. There's nothing quite like a sequin embroidered evil eye clutch that borders on Illuminati references now is there? My penchant for novelty accessories really comes into play here, I'm thinking you better 'watch out' because #ImWatchingYou... #Illuminati.


Thank you Sunita for my beautiful eye clutch!

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