29 December 2011


As anxious as I usually am, I don't really find time to "have a beer" or "take a walk". I usually relax by either taking a nap or curling up and catching up with my favorite TV shows on my laptop while munching on high cholesterol snacks (they're the best aren't they..), but there are those rare occurences, where I will take a stroll down "relax lane" and wonder off to a very zen place to clear my mind. I took the MTR (equivalent to the tube in London) all the way out of central Hong Kong to join with some relatives to a special zen park that is very well maintained and peaceful (rare scene in bustling Hong Kong). As I glided through the well-trimmed trees and Koi fish ponds, and skipped along the mosaic pebbled paths, I too felt a sense of tranquility long lost in the fast paced world of fashion. It felt like time almost stood still, even though I was anxious to get on with my scheduled appointments. I just wanted to share my zen experience with you all, and while trying to not sound overly Confucius here, I do wish everyone to find some inner peace....... but LFW is coming up so you all better start finding matching seperates for that statement piece you've got locked up in your closet! But for now.... peeeeeeace.....
the weather was beautiful, it made the trip feel even more peaceful than it already was
interesting fact about all the temples here, not a single nail was used in building these, they were all built by putting together hand carved interlocking blocks, the same technique that has become a lost art during a specific dynasty


  1. This place is so unbelievably beautiful!

    I'm a huge fan of Japanese and Chinese cultures, and this kind of things just make me sigh.



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