26 February 2012

Blonde Ambition

At a very early age, I've always been fascinated by different hair textures and how they can be manipulated to create limitless looks. This maybe because I was never blessed with the perfect hair where it just stays put and obeys my commands as my fingers graze through them. So in this way, (not so much Sweeney Todd) I've really been into hair, and even wearing them? Yep, if executed correctly. Now fast forward to modern times, everyone's been to Bleach London and either dip dyed or just had on some temp bright color that lasts a few washes; regardless, I find their choices of color and treatments very amusing. And yes, I've done the whole bleach blonde thing just two months ago and let's just say I should've took it further, but there's always next fashion week to look forward to that. In the mean time, I'd just have to stick to my blonde Margiela goat hair gilet. After seeing Raf Simon's A/W 12-3 menswear where he tucked actual dip dyed human hair extensions on the back and underside of shirt collars, the idea of wearing an entire coat (or sleeveless if it's too much) with hombre or some form of dyed human hair could look quite insane, like a quasi-Meadham-Kirchoff runway moment (cue the glitter please!) has in fact crossed my mind. It's an alternative to fur, it's modern, it's fun, it's...mental but hey I never took fashion too seriously and why start now! This would solve the problem of not sporting damaged hair whist still pulling off the trend with an extremely personal approach. That's just me.


  1. Wow! Fantastic!

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