21 February 2012

Mardi Gras

I think it goes without saying that this afternoon's Meadham Kirchoff AW12 show was worth the wait and was categorized as one of those shows that people would later refer to as 'saving the best for last'. Edward and Benjamin understood how important anticipation can do for their pre-show (it's all about the build up), so other than simply offering a vast array of scrumptious canapés and mini niçoise salad cups, the sound track looped Horror Rocky's Sweet Transvestite whilst polka dot light show and confetti had to be some sort of hint/preview as to what we'd all be dealing with. Before you knew it, the show began in a bang and a change of song, and out marched swiftly from head-to-toe decked out in a killer look. Meadham Kirchoff is like the essense of London Fashion brought to a whole new level. As much as these looks may seem unwearable, actually by dissecting them seperately they could still be very much marketable; and hey, a show isn't a show without a little wow-ness! The hair, the accessories, the shoes, the make-up, the get-up, all working in symbiosis complimenting each other. Each model strut and stomped with fierceness and marched around the room like a dark harlequin about to commit her crime at Mardi Gras (please excuse my direct interpretation), the story the clothes told was dramatic yet poetic, but above all it was transporting. If Ed and Ben were authors, they took us straight to the climax. The highlight was when one of the models who before removing her pastel stripped and cherry fruit dyed fur coat whisked her arm and showered the audience with glitter dust, prompting the entire room to "OOooo" and "AHhhh" at the silver sparkles. Personal favorites were the hand-dyed fur coats with eye-shaped prints and the gold and silver layered tinsel trousers. Hands down, my favorite show and the epiphany of LFW A/W 12-3!
the perfect show way to end LFW...

Photographed by Nathan Moy


  1. This was literally my favourite show at LFW too!! Unfortunately I didn't get a ticket this season but I met Benjamin the other day at the Meadham Kirchhoff personal orders event and it's all set up for next time round fingers crossed! Sure I will follow! And if you're ever thinking of selling those Balenciagas, I would be genuinely interested in buying them off you (8.5 is close enough to 9 and lots of my shoes have a tiny bit of space in them anyway!).

  2. OMG!! I wanted a ticket so badly! How did you end up with 2?!
    Great! So they will be nice and new when I steal them off you lol (maybe if you never wear them that is a sign!)
    I used to live on Shoreditch High Street but now I live in Islington. It's only a couple of stops away on the overground though :-)



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