22 February 2012

Three of a Kind

This year at the Top Shop Venue for Fashion East we have James Long, Marques’Almeida, and Maarten van der Horst. All three designers may be new, but with their distinct past collections and stand out statements allowed them each to have scoop up their own cult following. But before I delve into analyzing the details and cuts of the clothes, let's just take a quick moment to celebrate the fact that this show takes place at the TS Venue where champagne and canapes are bound to manifest and find their way into our concave stomachs. I often find arriving early at shows is some form of luxury, in this case you get to relish in the first picks of bite sized scones top with rose puree, or mini prosciutto and olive sourdough burgers; in other times if not seated at the front or second row, you get to scoot your away to the edge of a bench and the aisle view is almost just as good and as wanted as the front row ones.

Back on the issue, Fashion East started off with originally menswear designer James Long who featured his master tailoring skills in these womenswear pieces accompanied with rose silk prints contrasting to tailored coats and pocket hole details. Sculptural, sharp, chic. Following next is Marques who gave us high street with what looked like frayed neon denim underneath the black, the models had an attitude that kept the audience wanting to more. The greatness of this collection is its femininity and masculinity almost hitting back-and-forth for I can see myself wearing most of the pieces here. Do note the great textured calf-skin leathers on the shoes and accessories. Finally closing the show is long anticipated Maarten van der Horst which I might say did surprise me as this season's inspirations were totally unexpected from his previous Hawaiian printed ruffle highlighted looks. I hope that in a few more seasons Maarten would have found his niche or design DNA, nonetheless it was a strong collection. The entire look reminded me of a Mongolian or Kazakhstan princess clashed with Russian folk dresses. The color scheme kept the focus on the details and the superb layering of textures which included stunning hand-knitwear gave the garments architectural glory!


  1. LOVE all the floral!
    See you soon,
    Love Flower Show


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