24 March 2012


Browsing back at the mountain of photos I snapped back during London Fashion Week, I found out that I have mindlessly forgotten to upload a post featuring London designers exhibited at BFC. London Fashion Week just keeps getting better and better! Even Peter Pilotto mentioned in The Wall Street Journal that LFW is finally getting the recognition it deserves and that "due attention has been given to London".

I recall walking through the east and west wings of the two floors at the BFC exhibitions, lugging my DSLR and sweating bullets as I was in full fashion gear (boot wedges, leather jacket, fur overcoat, gloves, etc.), so it's not exactly easy to browse around looking chic while trying to appreciate the details on the works when you feel like your clothes are sticking to your body. But thank goodness the great workmanship displayed around the rooms were able to distract me just enough that I forget about the heat indoors. Here I've selected my favorite exhibition moments and pieces of artwork that most captured my attention and interests.

Ever since Balenciaga S/S 11 texture collage heels grazed over magazine shoots and fashion sites, I have long awaited someone else to take it further, and then I met Joanne. Joanne Stoker's amazing shoe designs got me all giddy as I was mesmerized by that the exact composition of the shoe. Some had LED lights embedded within them, whilst others were resin or plexiglass. This ex-architect student's strong sense of texture clashing kept me wanting more, I'm sure we'd be seeing a lot more of her designs and unlikely combinations soon, I wonder what she'd be using next.
Yes.. These were the glasses my mates and I wore to the Linda Farrow Party @ Le Baron London
Erikson Beamon..... Gorg!
I can't express how much I want to own these and wear them.... so damn beautiful.........
With all the hype that's going on about the "Daddy Daughter Duo", you must seriously having a Helen Keller situation to not know the works of the Rochas, particularly the rushing rise of Simone Rocha just four seasons after her CSM MA show which feels just like yesterday no? Anyway, I got the chance to meet with Simone Rocha's sales rep at LFW and we bonded over jokes about Simone's quickly "Resin" status in London. In case you didn't get that joke, Simone Rocha (like her father) is widely known for her great works of footwear and shoe engineering which often involves the use of plexiglass or resin either as a heel or a layered piece in between the soles. I'm mentally drooling just thinking about them. Her shoes aside, I'm also infatuated with her re-worked shirts with braid details and plastic-encased lace textures. What's so amazing that sets her aside from her father is that there is an undeniable femininity within her clothing but without it being cutesy where even I can see myself wearing many of the displayed pieces. Obviously I will pull the look together wearing her shoes too... Why would I want to separate them?
Simone Rocha footwear... A must buy investment...
check out the craftsmanship on these James Long pieces
Niels Peeraer's stunning nude leather work
I also got a chance to catch up with Eudon Choi on his latest A/W 2012-3 show which featured a beautiful story that transported everyone onto the adventurous icy journey he wanted to convey. Another notable thing at his show was his girls, the casting process went well in scoring top girls with fierce walks and faces that defines the Eudon girl. His tailoring like always was sharp, and his sense of fabrics and textures really shone in this collection, setting him aside from other designers as one who really knows how to work and mold fabrics to his well. The last time I visited his showroom was back in August and I watched as his orders of gorgeous furs and leathers were neatly moved around in front of his drawings and I could already visualize the tailored coats being constructed and shipped off. There's no doubt that Eudon's fame and talent would keep soaring!
Eudon's great tailoring skills
love how he blocks textures not just colors so well too
Eudon's icy textiles... aren't they captivating?
Malene Oddershede Bach's print designs were always a stand out point at LFW. She often photographs and Photoshops her own prints, and at most cases, they are of "gross" and unlikely objects blown up or seen at a microscopic level. The print below are of sun-dried tomatoes, but another print she shown me was of bacterial mold blown up to have them create a psychedelic effect. All these organic forms are tied closely to concepts and play on nature.
you gotta love Malene's crazy tall shoes too, it sure gives you that extra bump up in the sea of models
Teatum Jones A/W 12-3
Natalia Brilli's infamous leather cast accessories
Jean-Pierre Braganza A/W 12-3
Jordan Askill
Charlie Le Mindu's Hair Hat Pieces for Headonism Exhibition

All Photography by Nathan Moy


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