30 March 2012

Moy & Miu

While still getting accustomed to my newly renovated apartment in Hong Kong which I love love love, I often find myself still rummaging through drawers or cabinets just to see where things are kept. And while browsing through the house's awesome new wall embedded shoe closet cleverly hidden behind a giant mirror which can now withhold all of my mom and sister's ocean of footwear, I found these two cute little Miu Miu shoes that my mom bought a while back during her trip to Taiwan but haven't worn in a while as they were apparently causing my mom's feet some discomfort. Still, I thought of snapping these and sharing them with you guys cause even though these shoes don't really represent my mom's sense of style, they would still be really cute to wear to tea or even just run small errands (not referring to me wearing these of course haha). Both these are snake skin patchwork sandals with dark crystal embellishments. Ok, there's not much to go on about today but just me bumming at home still recovering on my third day of unfortunate food poisoning which seems to have happened twice in a row within the first week of returning upon Hong Kong during my bi/tri-annual visits... I really hope this doesn't become a habit...

Photography by Nathan Moy


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