25 March 2012

Post Show Blues

While I'm still on the subject on London fashion and checking up on what I've missed posting, it got me a little nostalgic about LFW's street style. Whether it be New York, Milan or Paris, London has a street style DNA that's very near and dear to me as there's no inhibitions in dressing, it's where people really let loose and let their true personality seep through their style. Isn't that how dressing should be? Personally, my style bounces back between Paris and London and anything in between, but there's something very charismatic about the true diehard fashionistas in London that still gets me all giddy when I pass by one, urging me to shoot them with whatever camera I have on me and interviewing them, seeing just how much their personality and outfit matches symbiotically. Just a bit of street style pics that I felt was worth capturing during London fashion week, and yours truly as well. Here's proof that choosing London to reside and study in was not a wrong choice, it's all about the good ol' folks, and damnnn.... I just love London.
Isaias and I outside BFC blogger lounge
Susie Bubble
Love the nose ring!


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