28 March 2012

Put it in Print

At this point, it's pretty impossible to avoid not sporting any of the two biggest hype-trends that's been flooding around: Pastels & Prints. For now I'm a bit over pastels since it's being shoved down my throat every where I go, whereas prints probably has a bit more room for versatility so I'm gonna stick with prints for the mean while (no offense to pastel lovers). Another reason why I'm gearing more towards prints is that there seems to be a whole new challenge to mixing prints compared to the failsafe outcomes of mixing any pastels (it'll always look fine). 

Having one printed item of clothing to work around an outfit is easy, and almost a failsafe theory too because you can always use the colors within the print and have those plain tone garments around it to compliment and emphasize the print, but clashing prints with prints... now that's a skill worth investing in. So in the spirit of trying to better familiarizing myself with how to work "print on print", here are some gorgeous, subliminal and epically inspiring photos shot at Fashion Week that features the true masters of prints! So for right now, I choose PRINT over MINT.

photography by streetfsn


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