26 March 2012

Spring Into Action

Alright, so it's been roughly a week since I flown in from London back to Hong Kong, and have already accomplished quite a few needed-to-do priorities on my mental list: Extract wisdom teeth, visit showrooms and boutiques, check up on designer stock-lists at Joyce, family and friends, etc... All this running around kind of got me in the sporty mood, especially because the annual Rugby Sevens games are being held not far from where I live here. Yes, it's the time when big burly men come in from all over the world, drink beer, hang with their bros, and scream and shove around the stadium, then heading over to bar hoping activities. I was never into all that, but I guess it inspired a rather Spring outfit in my mind. The day after, I got the luxury of having a relaxing late brunch and stroll around the city with my lovely older sister who was able to pull herself away from her busy finance drenched world to spare some time with her baby bro. Knowing me, I couldn't resist not doing a photo shoot in every different city that I pass by, so I've chosen this resort ensemble to shoot at the great open space of The Crown Plaza's Pavilion Lounge on the 29th floor. Hope you lovelies enjoy it!

 CÉLINE sunglasses; BALENCIAGA top, shorts, belt, bracelet; YVES SAINT LAURENT ring; UNDERGROUND shoes

photography by Rachel Moy


  1. Hey Nathan, I found your blog on another blog and I love it! I also love the shorts you are wearing very simple and stylish. You now have a new follower! :)

  2. loveeeee the bracelet! any good recommendations for a balenciaga newbie?

    1. if you're into accessories (and i think you are), i duly recommend a classic bracelet like the one featured here in your favorite colored leather (they've got loads and with different hardware to suit everyone's taste) or if you're more daring (which i hope you are), i'd go for their ready-to-wear featuring any modern looking item of clothing that incorporates different/unlikely textures that work together (very balenciaga), that's my version of a classic start and also why i love balenciaga. hope this helps :)

  3. love the side pose close up. loveeeeee the taupe!


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