22 April 2012


With London's weather being seriously indecisive and dramatically unpredictable, I can never figure out how much weather-appropriate gear to lug with me every time I venture out (even if it is just back-n-forth from uni). It really feels like the London sky has got a bad case of food poisoning where there are momentary glimpse of summer sun then pouring rain that drags out for an hour or two in the matter of seconds... I guess the silver lining (pun intended) is that this results in random rainbows sprouting up all over town, but the worst part remains when the temperature still manages to drop to a freezing 3 degrees at night... someone hand me the vodka.

I realized that I've been more and more attracted to the life style of East London, I mean I always knew about its allure (great clubs, food, youth culture, trendy stores, hipsters, etc.) but recently I've really taken a special liking to the area, from day travels to night life. It's been forever since I went shopping, and even longer since I've been to a thrift store of any sort. Even though Brick Lane has sort of become more commercial over the years, I still enjoy the occasional visits to those vintage boutiques and vigorously comb through their seemingly endless range of goodies, hoping to find something to add to my collection. It still surprises me that something old and used can look so hip and modern and at a price so worth it that they might as well give you the damn thing for free! Which is where I manged to discover this one (prepare yourselves) MINT colored down jacket marked down from 5 quid to 3! Photos of the piece will be revealed soon enough when I manage to do yet another mini-photoshoot featuring the awesomeness of the jacket. I swear I wasn't looking for more mint garments, but hey, I'll take whatever looks good on me (plus it's mint, it's pretty, and it's warm)! It was still a pity I wasn't able to find what I was really looking for, which was something with a fun print or texture. I'm feeling oddly colorful these days, probably feeding off the energy of those diehard hipster around Old Street with their creeper shoes, hip tattoos, dip dyed hair, and printed nails.


  1. Take me to brick lane! I wanna go!

  2. Great shots! Very interesting pieces xoxo ES

  3. i ♡ east london. i live in SE so i am happy!


  4. Great shots ! looks like i gotta go check out East London next time I'm there.


  5. Is that Story in those last few shots? Love it there, the pizzas are SO GOOD!

    1. yep that's the one! they normally dont let people take pics but i never listen lol... they're homemade stuff are fantastic!


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