27 April 2012

Headlines to Deadlines

There is undeniable symmetry between the current weather situation and my life. While London's unsettling wet, windy, wintry weather washout continues to lash out on the city (which manifested itself into yesterday's headlines), my work schedule's deadlines also manage to clutter up and interrupt my life causing me much panic and restless nights. True, tomorrow's deadline on a mini-project does allow me to cross off ONE stress-inducing feature, but then three more new ones pop up. They're like roaches, you kill one, a few more come out. But I do have to admit that once I completed yesterday's much anticipated photoshoot for my soon-to-due portfolio crit (I'm cringing hard...), a sizable chunk of pressure was successfully surgically removed. I will reveal the final chosen photos of this shoot AFTER my crit (it's only professional that I keep things under-wraps first), but I like to tease with these sneak previews of prepping my model. Special thanks to my dear friends who helped me during the shoot with hair and makeup. Credits will be revealed again at the actual post dedicated to this fashion shoot. Until then, enjoy these teasers.
on me: shirt & shoe BALENCIAGA, trousers MARGIELA


  1. love the blue lips..


  2. omgomgomg so exciting!! can't wait to see the real shoot. good luck with all your other work-in-progresses.. hang in there!!

    1. thanks, i'd post it right up in about a week's time! ;) xx

  3. add oil! You can do it! xx

  4. Absolutely love the pics !

    following you ,
    hope you follow me back <3


  5. hi Nat, have a nice week-end..:)
    kiss kiss from Italy


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