28 April 2012


It feels like I'm in labour with my feet in stirrups while the nurse yells in my ear "push! push! just one more big push!". I am of course referring to my imminent approach to the May 4th deadline which I'm both dreading and looking forward to. Just yesterday, our class handed in a mini-project (that my group actually managed to complete in three days!) in which we were randomly assigned to research on a particular fiber group, ours were man-made fibers/synthetics, which we then needed to design a capsule collection. In case the photos down there aren't clear enough (which would be kinda sad if they weren't...), we had a fabric board of synthetic fibers, we covered the history and contemporary uses of man-made materials from sportswear to luxury brands, then finally chose basketball and synchronized swimming as the two main inspirations for our mini-collection. Then wa-la! I present to you our collection entitled "skinthetics". Fascinating how six different people can create a capsule that looked so cohesive and collective huh! 
Afterschool, I promptly attended Selfridges first magazine launch party which had great martinis but lacked in canapes. The adrenaline-filled rush from uni to home to Selfridges should explain the clumsiness of forgetting to lug my trusty DSLR with me, hence the lack of photos of the launch party which anyway wasn't much of a loss, trust me. On my way home, I wondered that with all the rain and moisture consuming this city, Londoners are probably going to be the first batch of humans to develop some form of gills, fins or webbed feet when the ocean one day decides to consumer us all. Either that or we start building those submarines, does this explain why all those designers keep getting aquatic inspirations? From coral reef dresses to shark teeth necklaces, next stop The Little Mermaid in 3D!
Leslie and I in matching looks
LEFT (me): cropped jumper & shark tooth necklace GIVENCHY, vest JUNN.J, trousers RAD HOURANI
illustrations NATHAN MOY


  1. Nice post!!
    Love your blog!!!


  2. great illustrations

    lovely necklaces

  3. Awesome photos...

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!
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  4. cute!!!


  5. Nice collage. These all looks cute.

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!
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  6. Love the last picture... I've been obsessed with all things orange/tangerine lately! Holla from penang island Malaysia ;)

  7. Amazing illustration dear!!!have a nice week!!kiss kiss from Italy

  8. These drawings are amazing!!


  9. Great blog! I'm your new follower! I'll be really happy if you follow me back! xoxo Lucy www.tpinkcarpet.com



  11. Argh you have one of the cropped sweatshirts! I couldn't pull that kind off, I'd look ridiculously obese, but I really want the one with the long back and it's only cropped at the belly at the front. Would be so nice to layer with a long CdG Shirt tshirt.

    P.S. I think I would love a collection inspired by synchronised swimming!! Please tell me there was neoprene involved...

    1. oh yeah, i want that cropped version too, but they only had it in green and purple and i didnt like that shade of it, would prefer cream/white/beige, and yeah pairing it with a long exaggerated shirt under it wud be soooo nice.

      and yes of cos there's neoprene, it's my favorite synthetic material, super modern, super clean, super versatile. i am neoprene-obsessed lol xx

  12. I'm So looking forward to this! =D Love the necklace!

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