16 May 2012


Even though my friends are already heading off one-by-one to Cannes (it's tradition), I chose to sit this one out for several personal reasons (nothing serious, mostly due to commitments and work). I'm probably gonna regret not going and I'd have to apologize to my mates for not joining in, but I'm sure the mojito fun and beach side snoozes will keep them well preoccupied. Still, I must thank my dear friends for the invite! There's always next year- I guarantee by next year this time I'd be blogging from Cannes, uploading sunny shots and gorgeous beings wearing couture. Unlike most full time bloggers, I really can't tug on every single opportunity to jet off to party (although how great does that sound now with me up to my eyeballs in paper cutouts and fabric samples...), so I'd have to leave it to them for now to entertain you and for you to live vicariously through them.

Back here in London and in a previous post, I previewed 'sneak peak' shots of the photoshoot for my shirt project garment. At last, here they are... Feast your eyes upon, um.... ok.. I'm too tired to do the voice, haha, so just have a gander at my final look. Even though the original shoot was meant to take place outdoors, the sporadic rainfall a few weeks ago made it impossible to venture out anywhere, but luckily enough my photographer friend Misato worked her DSLR magic and was able to capture a good handful of decent shots (mine were significantly amateur compared to hers, haha). Special thanks again to all who helped out with this shoot, couldn't have done it without you guys. xx
styling NATHAN MOY
photography MISATO KARIBE
makeup NAO
model HESTER


  1. finally, the final look!!!!!! the matching blue accents are lovely. love the color! congrats on such an amazing job

  2. nathan! this looks great! thanks for dropping by. i've referred a current student of mine who will be going to london to study fashion next year to your blog.....

  3. Beautiful sense of style and amazing posts! Would you like to follow each other?

  4. FAB. Did you pick a redhead to model this specifically? I think that was a really smart choice. The red really accents the cyan on your shirt. It's gorgeous~


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