26 May 2012


Being a very sensitive to heat person, I find London's cold and chilly weather quite soothing actually. Unfortunately that's out the window (actually it's not out the window, it's hot out there), so I get to enjoy sweating even while downing a mango passion-fruit frappuccino. It's HOT out there... Don't get me wrong, I love the sun and the summery weather but I just need to find sporadic shelters every so often, and when I say shelter, I mean places with ice cold drinks and AIR-CON! I once asked the omnipresent question of why don't most London flats have air-cons installed? In which I often got the reply, "London's too cold to need to have air-cons..." I think that might be the case ten years ago, but seriously I need air-con like a burn victim needs morphine to sleep in this weather. Oh! And I am not liking creepy crawlers with wings flying into my flat unwelcomed. Still, I guess I'm gonna start soaking up the sun and enjoying the really good weather, it's been blue skies with no clouds in sight with constant sun for days now, such Californian weather! Weird but nice. Oh and I leave on a fashion note regarding some sneak peaks of Givenchy's menswear F/W 2012-3 and a preview of the pre-spring collection (which I'm super excited to go check out up close, loving the color scheme already!).


  1. oh my God...it's fantastic!!!amazing look!!!have a nice w.e.!!!

  2. Can't decide if I can rock the jewellery or not. Really I need to go experiment with but meh, can't be bothered. HAVE I GONE OFF FASHION??

    1. we all kinda go on-and-off fashion, it does get boring after a while, but then u'd see something u really want and pop back in for a bit hahaaa... i hate shopping, i just like buying sth i like... the shopping experience has gone so stale....

    2. I guess I just haven't seen something I've got REALLY EXCITED about in a while

  3. This Givenchi man collection is the best of the season

  4. love it!!!:)
    kiss kiss


  5. I have to say I love the studded pieces from AW12, although I feel that Riccardo Tisci is relying far too heavily on the stars as each collection goes on. I love the shark print tshirt from pre-AW12 though. The Christopher Kane sample sale is next Thursday (31st) if you hadn't already found out!

    1. ah yes, the one in convent garden, i can't wait to go and snap up some accessories, i wonder if they still got the gel clutch or some old school goodies. i know it's not just aw11 but it's from ss10 too xx

  6. WOW! SO COOL!!!


    Kisses from Italy


  7. Hi sorry I literally JUST remembered about this! Don't worry - you haven't missed it! It is from 12.30pm until 9pm tomorrow, I will be getting there extra early to avoid as much queuing as possible, last time I had to wait more than 2 hours to get in! Sorry you keep having to comment on the same post btw, I told myself I can't do any blogging until after my exams have finished!

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