20 May 2012

Lace on Grass

Alas! The Victorian-themed birthday picnic party hosted by dear friend Mich Dulce finally happened! Since it was sadly postponed for a week as London's PMS weather chose to poo poo on her special day, but this time its indecisive climate mood swing actually decided to bless us with sun... Lots of it! We replaced tradition tea with rose wine, champagne and vodka, but still kept the English delights of homemade cupcakes and cucumber sandwiches (god I love them...), which were all thoughtfully arranged on three-tiered high tea trays. How dainty! *extends my pinky as I sip my wine, I mean... tea...) And it wouldn't be a full Victorian event if we didn't play croquet. Yes... That's right, I said CROQUET! I did feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland playing with the Queen of Hearts (minus the fear of having my head chopped off). With all the lace and top hats, monocles and bonnets, I was quite transported to another world. Except the occasional odd stares and unavoidable sneak photo takings of us. Funny enough, several pedestrians mistaken Mich's bday picnic as some kind of wedding reception! And some actually thought I was the groom because I was the most dressed-up victorian bloke there apparently? lol

Now I sit back relax, and pick up the damn vacuum and go crazy on cleaning my inhabitable wrecked flat! I want my flat to be clean, and when I say clean, I mean Asian-cleaner clean!!! (I'm allowed to say that). I am considering hiring a part-time cleaner... omg it's sooo horrible to say it out loud, but I don't even have time to clean my kitchen...ewwww..... But at least Mich's birthday got me thinking about my own birthday which is coming up... I never really threw a massive party and I'm not about to start that..... Hmmm.... Birthday for moi.. What should I do? Suggestion my lovelies?
hat VINTAGE, shirt BROOKS BROTHERS, waistcoat JEAN PAUL GAULTIER, coat & trousers COMME DES GARCON, gloves ARISTIDE, shoes ACNE, necklace & ascot DIY

 Happy Birthday Mich! xx


  1. Totally awesome picnic trip, I wish I could join in one of those as well xoxo

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  3. This is beyond amazing and you are too adorable - love your outfit! Have your party at a friend's house, perhaps?


    1. aww thanks, actually thats what im intending to do for my bday, how did u know? lol xx

  4. Very cute party and the cakes looks lovely with the tea cups and all. So english style. fun! You look great too.

  5. Aw I'm so, so happy reading your comment on my blog Nathan, you are the sweetest person in the world and you totally just made my day. I'm following you on bloglovin' <3
    Much love from Anthea xx

  6. WOOW i loved your post!

    My latest post, will make you fall in love with florals, you'll see! www.thefashlight.com

  7. Amazing! love it it's looks like you guys had so much fun!

  8. Darling so so love this post and such a great idea for the b-day party! Love it! You are very creative xoxo ES

  9. this is how dress up should look! MAGICAL


  10. This looks like so much fun!! Great photographs.
    Suzi x
    For the Love of Audrey

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