03 July 2012

More Peonies

Completely unrelated from my last post of Celine peonies, I coincidentally assisted a friend on a film shoot also featuring Celine's SS12 peony print suit a few days before I left London. This time, it was 2D & 3D as actual peonies flowers were used to create accessories that play quite an essential role to the movie (I assume I'm obliged to not spill all the details just yet). The challenging part was working with fresh flowers that had to be manipulated quite quickly before they began to whither since artificial flowers would have ruined the film due to its lack of authenticity. 'Perfectionism' was needed for this project (and professionalism). All I can really say was that it was great fun working with the whole creative team, watching the whole concept that originated months ago from a simple PDF file which developed and finally came to life.
oh yeah.. wearing floral print while working with florals, it's all about channeling your inner-flower-power
from 2D to 3D peonies
thanks everyone at the team for a wonderful time
concept Mathius
film Annick Wolfers


  1. Did you use a hot glue gun on the petals? Surely that would make them wither even faster!

    1. i only used the glue gun to stick the stem portion on the shoe, but even though the chance of making it wither faster comes from glue gunning them, preparing them the night before was not an option (advised by the florist), so we had to do it on the day right before they were used, so we prob only had like an hour or two max time frame for them to be shot.

  2. this is a very cute combination, and great photos. keep on with good work :)

  3. wow it looks like so much fun! oh what you did to those shoes is amazing.


  4. this is a very cute combination...amazing photos!!!

  5. those shoes are freakin genius, love them.
    as for your question, i say go for it, they're pretty much a hybrid of a boy and girl shoe anyways :). search "Real Leather Buckle Strap Block Heel Platform Sandals" on ebay and I think they'll turn up.

    1. thanks for the advise ;)
      yeah i really wanted a pair of platform sandals for summer, how cud i turn a platform down?

  6. WOW!I can't take my eyes off!Bravo!

  7. so so creative


  8. Love how the boots look - amazing!
    Lianne :-)


  9. i wish those peonies were on some kinda of sandals... loveeeeee

  10. J'adore! The REAL peonies look beautiful! I would love to see the finished result of this project. Nice work! X

  11. what an amazing idea!
    they look absolutely brill too
    i think i might make some of my own. well, i say that but i doubt I'll get round to it any time soon...


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