20 July 2012

Tisci's Taurus

With the flooding of e-mails regarding upcoming fashion month's events (and fashion week schedules being finalized), I've gotta begin planning some show-going outfits (if I ever get invited), and by plan, I do mean buy. Okay, so I got the nose ring, horn earrings and eel skin lapel blazer, I'm a freakin' walking advertisement, so come on Tommy Ton, are you gonna shoot this or what? I'm already giving my best nostril angle, you can already see my brain, just take the shot!

While catching up on favorite fashion blogs, I particularly felt an odd kinship to the hilarious New York blogger Leandra Medine aka. "The Man Repeller". In a way, even as a guy, I'm also a man repeller! Leandra's blog is all about fashion trends that women (and fashionable guys) love, men would hate. So just the other day, while walking with a friend, decked out in a multi-textured sleeveless top, geometric cut shorts and flatform shoes, four guys my age (typical straight boy types) walked by, took one look at me and my flatforms, cringed and bolted. Man repelled? Check! The weird thing is they acted in a way nudging me to respond, but I honestly had no idea what they wanted me to do or say. I should probably tap dance next time or start opera singing just to make things go from awkward to beyond awkward. I find that the better the outfit, the more I repel! I need an assistant to dot notes and help me keep count: "Outfit #486, you've cleared out 6 and half streets of men, looks like your Maison Michele lace headpiece and Mykita X Romain Kremer dome sunnies really did the trick, super repellent!"
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  1. You are a freaking walking ad machine for Givenchy! Sadly I don't think that's what gets Tommy Ton's attention :/

    I also think of myself somewhat as a man-repeller. Any of my most favourite outfits, straight guys hate. Most gay guys hate them too. They are definitely not sexy, but that's why I love them.

    1. haha yes I know but I'm still hoping the nasal action would still make him reconsider. so glad you agree with guys like us also being total men repellers! yep, no man (gay or straight) wants any of this, booyah!

  2. LOVE the outfit. That jacket is seriously killer. I would rock that in a heartbeat.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. Muahahahah this post is so so hilarious. And yes, there is a frown line in there, right between my eyes, but for some reason it's not showing up on that photo. Anywayzzz, what have you been up to? (That nose ring gives me the creeps, btw).

    x Joana

    1. no way, you're so young, I bet your frown mine was just an illusion lol
      don't be freaked out by the nose ring babe, it's actually really fun and comfy haha

  4. Thanks for your sweet comment. This is such a funny post, love the look you're wearing. Following you too now :)

    x For Happy Days

  5. i like your blog! Im following you now on GFC and Bloglovin, if you like my blog please follow me back



    1. thanks patti, hope you look forward to more craziness I'd inflict around here! x

  6. I'm jealous, I want a Givenchy nose ring!

    1. I'm still not sure about them.

    2. I think it'll look better once you add on the smaller one in front (that's how it was 'meant' to be worn I think..)

  7. Whew! These rings looks awesome. :)

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!
    ♥ SHOP: http://www.saboskirt.com
    ♥ BLOG: http://www.saboskirt.blogspot.com

  8. Looks really great!


  9. lookin' like a moo moo cow! lol. chic moo moo cow.
    loving the HK buildings in the background too!


  10. I have to say that because it's very big it scares me a little bit, but other than that the outift is super amazing as always!

  11. Brilliant post, made me laugh out loud :D



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