20 November 2012


I'm really not anti-Margiela x H&M, but since every blogger's still tweeting, instagramming, pinning, and blogging about their newly purchased collaboration pieces (especially those ubiquitous plexi wedges and candy clutches), I chose do a nostalgic outfit post that reflected my years of scraping Maison Martin Margiela pieces from around the world (both pre-and-post his leave in office), rather endearing isn't it? Before I discovered Acne Studios, Margiela was sort of the minimalistic design house with meticulous attention to detail that always led me to end up buying several pieces from each season. I'm never one to sport designer name/logo printed tees, but in 2009, I made one special exception for it was the year Margiela left office; so in a way, this tee holds an important personal subtext, or you could see me as a walking ad for Mr. Marg... So much for going incognito huh.
This black goat hair tee is a sample piece from AW06-7 that never actually went into production, and was given to an Italian buyer who was close friends with the designer, who then displayed it in her London store. Three years back, I happened to pass by and fell in love with the goat hair (it was my goat hair phase) and insisted on buying the piece. After some persuasive provoking, I convinced her to sell it to me (at a very reasonable price might I add). Upon my return to her store a few months later, she light-hardheartedly told me she regrettably sold me the tee as she knew the true value of it as Margiela left office shortly after I made that purchase. It was sartorial fate.

all clothing, shoes and jewelry MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA


  1. omg you're stunning1 I am a new follower wanna follow back?

  2. Amazing post! I love all clothes! It's great!


  3. these outfits are INSANE! love the white coat <3


    1. Thanks, yeah the white goat hair gilet is quite the statement/provoking piece.

  4. Wow, I love the goat hair tee. Amazing piece.



  5. Awesome like all your outfits. Congratulation.

    We follow you.

    P & C


  6. I love the rings and the tee in the first outfit!

  7. Cool looks! so Margiela!!!

  8. genial el post...me gusta las aplicaciones de pelo

  9. And every time I think you can't get any more awesome... You rock!



    1. Aww thanks Jolien for your loyal following xx

  10. Sooo cool. Love these photos and your coat and top
    are amazing. :)

    LOVE BO,

  11. definitely right for my taste.

  12. I love your shoes! Need to get them for my boyfriend!

  13. Yeah, as much as I do love the candy clutches (especially since Australia is pretty behind the times in fashion so not many people would be wearing it here), I can certainly appreciate your well curated and loved collection.. that goat hair tee is amazing, & i laughed at the "that was during my goat hair phase" :p

  14. the goat hair tee is just pure perfection, you grew out a lot more artistic here, loving all the pieces, doll.x

    check out my latest post "BAD BOY BROMANCE"

    1. Haha, I guess wearing Margiela brings out the "artsy/conceptual" side in me, it was very impulsive to be honest.

  15. I love how you talk like you're so old. All you're missing is to say 'back in the day' and 'when i was young' haha. I love this post, but God that face hair is scary Nates

    1. Jo, you know I'm an old soul lol, you wouldn't understand you young whipper snappers! x

  16. Oh wow-love the burgundy shoes dear!

    X the Cookies

  17. Hi Nathan, I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog. It's a rare thing coming across a blog that speaks originality these days. I love the way you write, and your outfits are insane. Will be back soon.

    xx Jenee C.
    {camo meets couture}

    1. Very glad you like the way I write, been told that a few times, guess I gotta really keep that up now that people's actually reading what I blurt out haha.

  18. where'd your face go? ;) lol
    nice outfits as always! happy thanksgiving!!! <3

    rachel x

    1. I was feeling very camera shy that day so I'm using Margiela's concept as an excuse to shroud my mug from public scrutiny.

  19. thanks for your comment on my blog!
    I like yours, it's the first blog which I will read and follow by a man :)
    nice post and I really like your shoes :)

  20. OH!! Love your style!! Is too much!! :)
    Follow you from Spain!!

    Look at my blog:
    I wish you like it!!


  21. Amazing post. You write so well and are an absolute pleasure to read. That last image of you is absolutely brilliant and really captures the raw nature of MMM perfectly. You'll be pleased to hear I am your newest follower on bloglovin and can't wait to see more posts soon.
    Love Georgia xx


    1. Thanks Georgia, I'm very glad you understood the MMM concept behind the shoot, happy you enjoyed the read.

  22. everything is so damn stylish! love it ;)

    Followed you now, hope you follow back my friend!

  23. Great blog! Really like and just followed you! :) Thanks for visiting mine, I enjoyed reading your comment xoxo ES

  24. those are awesome pieces!! the white goat hair jacket is incredible!
    thanks for dropping a sweet comment on my blog by the way..
    i'm following you now! :D
    great blog, i enjoyed reading it so much :D
    stay in touch <3



  25. The tee is a great piece =) and the jacket, and the oxfords! My word you are one stylish man! Great post, I had to read it all!
    - Che


  26. I actually think the coolest thing about htis is the hair over her face. It makes the pictures a little more... uncertain, somehow.


  27. I'm liking your goat hair phase of 3 years back very much!! Hey where did you get that hair over your face from!??? Amazing and gorgeous.

  28. Nice outfit :)

    I have a wonderful giveaway!<3

  29. 1st to say I like your opinion and believe you actually can wear Margiela.
    I've read less nuanced opinions that made me roll my eyes about this talk about the integrity of the brand selling out for the larger public. Then again this returns to the basics of psychology of people wanting to rely and to be secure about some things in life: Santa should have a white beard, Coca Cola shouldn't be in a green packaging and MMM should cater as a semi-anonymous designer for the minimalistic incrowd of fashion-afficionadas.
    I believe fashionbrands and the designers behind them should be able to evolve like real people and real personalities. Also, the idea of the desire for your brand to be known with a larger public (instead of the money-motive alone) is an important incentive. With MMM for H&M I found it to be too much of a 'personalitychange'. My personal impression was: too many items on H&M! and afterwards "too many wannabe-Margielas that are actually not feeling the brand/representing it right". I feel similar about some Isabel Marant wearers that do not have that left-bank slouchiness that the brand actually symbolises.
    Then again it's freedom of fashion again with the idea of it becoming more democratic by fashionblogs. Somewhat Warhol springs into mind again with his "15 minutes", that some fashionbloggers are experiencing as well. Perhaps MMM tapped into this democracy and let the wearers decide if they are Margiela-enough (and later on the people who watched them on their blog).
    (ok, that was my essay for today :). Again, I think you represent Margiela really good(

    1. and I did buy something from the collection. I am not really a MMM-girl but the body with boob-top was really a me-product (that's also the only place I look on the skinny side-hence being fashionable enough...for the rest I have too many feminine curves)

  30. Great to hear your opinion about the collab! I also haven't bought something from it. I really like the pictures you made with the tee. Just like the 'Untitled' theme you used for it - by using the black rectangle!

    With Love,


  31. Beautiful outfit and pictures! I love the white coat :-)

    xoxo The Daily Fashion Drug

  32. Great outfit. love you, great combo always. And the incognito outfit is amazing!

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