09 November 2012

The "I" in Team

Contrary to popular belief, I'm actually quite the sports fan; well, to a certain extent that is. I've pretty much tried every major and minor sport there is, even crew. But with insufficient upper body strength and the fear of irreversible scar tissue, I lack the stamina to endure or excel at them. So by "sporting" the ubiquitous Les Plus Dorés tee with a fashion reference on the back, this is as sporty as I'm gonna get (I guess the cap is suppose to give the impression of athleticism but I'm in an underground parking garage and any kind of head-wear is beyond unnecessary). To be honest, dressing like this is simply my justification to put on leggings and wear platformed trainers, but jokes aside, I can actually run quite fast in this look. So to sum it all up, despite my appearance, I do fancy sports, I just like to play for the other team.
blazer CÉLINE, top LES PLUS DORÉS, necklace MAWI, leggings AMERICAN APPAREL, shorts PROENZA SCHOULER, shoes Y.R.U.


  1. WOW stunning !

    XX Luba

:: Well Living Blog :: magic story in the park

  2. Love you T!


  3. very cool jacket and necklace!

    Have a great weekend!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  4. Fab pictures and style! lovin the jacket and the color combo!


  5. You look amazing, and very unique as always. Love the sports vibe of this

  6. love love love it all! amazing!


  7. creaaaative! wearing that jacket back and front and rocking em both. only you nathan, only you.

    rachel x

  8. You are amazing! There are only so few people who can pull off a look like this and you totally are one of those lucky few. Really great!



  9. Amazing shorts and tee!! Love it all.

    LOVE BO,

  10. admire the fact that you can so effortlessly pull off striped shorts over a pair of legging and top it all of off with some chunky platforms. awesomeness


  11. Love this look!
    Mixed patters <3


  12. I loved how you said on the commen 'I promise it's trendy, not tranny' HILARIOUS. I've missed you babes, what's up? So busy you can't what'sapp me? hehe Yeah, this is my fifth official experience. I love ID, I would be thrilled to work for them, believe me. I didn't know Wonderland until I read your comment, but now I saw it online and I know I'd love to be a contributor too. I'm thinking of pitching a few articles for several publications and hope some of them want me to write them. I don't mind writing for free for a while, as a sort of unpaid freelance worker haha. I've been compiling a list of mags and newspapers in the UK for two years and there's still so much I've missed because there's so many independent stuff out there! I love London. Totally unrelated: Whatsapp me your email!

    1. Oh yeah, you definitely should go for Wonderland, their articles and features are really hip, plus they always do really cool layouts and editorials, very youthful in general.

  13. Can't believe I almost forgot to comment on your outfit. In one word: amazing. I love how you are the best at pairing different patterns and prints and you look fantastic in platforms hehe

    1. Yay, I'm glad you liked the combo, was so unlikely for me to do this, but once I looked at the shorts, I instantly thought of the blazer, funny how sometimes your mind just puts pieces together for you.

  14. Nathan! you rocked a very sporty yet fashionable outfit, you add a sport edge with a cap and those shorts, but edged out the fashion with the floral blazer and the shoes, gosh you are just a genius. anyways, I am so in love with the necklace, you're living in Paris right? anyways, just wondering, are you half filipino? xx.

    check out my latest photographic portfolio "Oriental Heartlines" featuring my beautiful mother
    THE PHOTOGRAPHIC SENSE-http://reinhardtkenneth.blogspot.com/2012/11/oriental-heartlines.html

    1. anyways, this is very weird but i somehow had a dream two nights ago about going to Paris, somehow my family had like, lunch with you and I was involved, and I told you that I'm from photographic sense but you're like all "Oh", you're in mint if I'm not mistaken. No I'm a stalker, this just came out so random omg

    2. Haha, dreams can be so random sometime. I'm not living in Paris, though I might next year for some time, I'm living in London; and I'm not filipino, I'm chinese.

  15. So I actually LOLed when I read your comment X-D You're hilarious. I normally don't do the "FOLLOW ME I FOLLOW YOOOO" thing but I actually love your blog :P

    Trendy not tranny. Lmao. I can't get over that.

  16. i really really can't stop staring at these shots! <3 stunning!

    Pudding Monster

  17. love everything you wear!love!

  18. Thanks for your comment, you have awesome style! Love the floral blazer!!

    XO J

  19. Thank you for your beyond amazing comment! I will definitely be following you. I am always looking for mens fashion for my boyfriend & yours is super fabulous! :)

    Angela @ The Lovely CUp

  20. I like you very much. you really cute and smart. Many warm greetings from Marina from Poland.

  21. Wonderful outfit! I love the floral blazer/crochet shorts combination!

    Thanks for checking out my blog and commenting by the way, I really appreciated it!


  22. quite beautiful how you combined everything today, especially the shorts. I often like your dynamic spontaneity on photos and today it's somewhat a more subdued balance which is refreshingly new.

    1. It's wonderful that you've noticed, and am glad you find that refreshing, gotta keep it fresh for the peeps!

  23. Sports outfit?! Amazing combo! Only you can do that. very creative and the reverse wear of the jacket actually looks like it fits well and so interesting. Cool guy!

  24. Your blazer is amazing! xx

    - Victoria

  25. Love the necklace with such a sporty outfit!

    Adorable blog. Hope you can share the love back by following or visiting my blog.

    Much love from Canada,

  26. Every day more surprise us with your wonderful style. You are an example to follow, much kisses from Spain


  27. lovee this outfit, made my day.

  28. I want your shoes- they're amazing. I love this look, and i love that you dress interestingly (interestingly good, that is... not just "oh you look...interesting.." .

    1. Thank you Morgan, sweet of you to say so.

  29. That's what I'm talking about, this is what I call sporty chic! I guess you bought that top a while ago, cause I was looking for it online last week and it was sold out! xx

    1. Yeah I did, I just never actually really wore it until I discovered it under a heap of old clothes and was like "oh yeah, I forgot about you" lol

  30. Your the cutest !!! Love your wicked style!!!

  31. LOVE this! Your blazer is amazing!

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. I'm so glad I just found your blog! Your style is very inspiring.

    Trend Anatomy

  34. those blazer and shorts are to die for! Surprisingly, you made them work together! Your fashion style is impeccable xx

  35. First time I was stunned with a fashion blog especially the way you pose with the outfits. Feels that you are unique yet weird to me at the same time XD Absolutely love the combination of overall outfit !

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