29 January 2012

Get The Led Out

After a delightful skype session with my family the other day, I began thinking about how fortunate it is to love what you do and to be given an opportunity to pursue it. Even though for the past two weeks, it has been surrounded solely by fabric fetching, toiling, re-cutting/re-doing patterns, momentary black outs, and only quick dashes to grab a sip of water or to use the loo; I still wake up every morning, eager to dive right back into my work. Even better is being surrounded by my best mates who are just as passionate and inspired as I am. In the Central Saint Martins' fashion studios, amongst the midst of scattered pattern paper and shredded calico, you feel like you're in a factory trying to finish orders. The pressure is great, but what a rush it is! I must admit that unlike other fashion bloggers, I will not be able to constantly deliver super info-juicy post after post, sometimes, it's simply just about my life or thoughts that I've had. I need to return to my work, so while I have you imagine what I'm making, I'd hope these photos can keep you lusting for more and up to date with what I've been up to.
I love watching the blue skies from our studio, almost as if time doesn't exist... It's just as cool when it rains
keep on tracing and editing... get the led out! (both metaphorically and literally)
more demands at Oxford Circus on Saturday morning...happen to pass by the masses on my way to Berwick Street in search for buttons

28 January 2012


Ever since Margiela's Spring 2009 show which featured garments and jewelry made out of human hair, I was fascinated and in love with his high brow statement! The closest I've got was owning Margiela's ivory goat hair gilet, though as much as it resembled blonde hair, I still feel like my lust for human hair on a garment has not been fully quenched. So the silent hunt continues... And I knew it would just be a matter of time till some designer (I was thinking Ann Demeulemeester or Rick Owens) would incorporate human hair in their work...but to my surprise, it was Raf Simons! And it was his MEN'S collection too!! There's something I seriously didn't expect. Raf, who apparently has always been fascinated by dyed hair, wanted to incorporate it in his garments as well as featuring ombré sweaters, which further added to his statement, probably from all the people nowadays dip dying their hair at the Bleach Salon. I never have the patience to grow out my hair, especially into at least a pony tail, plus I never know if I would be able to carry it. So in a way, these hair extended sweaters would probably be as close as I get to ever feeling like I have long hair, but I still get to keep the effortless look of my short hair (best of both worlds!). I just hope that there are more color options to choose from to fulfill my appetite.
how great is this?!!!

27 January 2012

Air Force

As the week progresses, students on my course begin to shed the detailed thoughtful outfit choices and begin to slap on sweats and comfort clothes. Actually, the first most noticable change is in the shoes. Those who still manage to put together a decent outfit, you will find them sporting Nike sneakers, usually an off color which makes them stand out even more. At this point, no one, including myself, really cares how you look when you go back to uni. So let there be sweaty foreheads, greasy hair, and crinkled t-shirts, for those who look the worst, produce the best. 

But boring work stories aside, here's a photoshoot I found featuring Hana Zarubova's clothing; I guess I'm still a sucker for sculptural clothes and strong body lines and exaggerated silhouettes

25 January 2012

Reaching New Limits

There has been some serious bar-raising done over at Givenchy's new spring couture show! The hundreds and thousands of hours of hand craft has been gushed out, with the rarest and highly sourced materials, I'm in awe once again by him. The use and the deconstruction of crocodile horn-back leather is so well done, and the continuity of accessories (the minotaur nose rings) from the menswear show with the addition of over sized matching earrings, this gave the collections a strong thread within them. Only Riccardo can actually pull off such accessories where they will be deemed actually commercial! Alright alright, it's not that I don't want to keep shining Riccardo's shoes (actually I kind of do), but I'd have to let the collection speak for itself, there needn't be much commentary as you view the clothes, they really have a voice of their own.

How is it that Givenchy collections keep bringing me to tears, metaphorically speak of course... I think I want those nose rings. Only Riccardo can make me want to stuff metal in my nostrils while having enjoy the discomfort of nasal clutter.

24 January 2012

Inking Out

Ok, it's time to crank out some serious work and design, design, design! There's no fun in giving away all the details and revealing practically everything so I'd only be unfolding bits and pieces of my designs and ideas. Pretty much just a sneak peak into what I've been up to on this new project. Oh, before I forget to mention this is a "shirt project" so designs revolve solely around 'the shirt' which according to our brief must include collars and cuffs which should explain why I designed them the way I did, just FYI.

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