30 May 2012


It's been a while since I last gone shopping (ok, online shopping not included). But with the heat-stroke inducing weather and fatal lack of air-conditioning, it's a sign that I need to build more looks for summer, so when I walk around drenched in sweat, hopefully people would be distracted by the nice outfit before they notice that I am losing fluids profusely through every pore on my body. Speaking of lack of air-cons, I recently found out that my building's architect/agent never put in the air-conditioning system thinking that it the teeny tiny increased budget would put people off in buying the property.... Well get ready for me to explain again why you DO NOT ASSUME, cause it makes an ASS out of you and YOU! With complaints from every tenant, the agent does regret it but unfortunately poor planning and needless assumptions has yet again fxxked up people's lives by denying them cool breathable air. And now it's impossible to do piping along the buildings or even have buy portable air-cons due to window/balcony issues and general building planning... How is it that in 2012 you CAN'T re-install some air-cons? How hard can it be?! Like Nike always says, just do it!

Ok... Enough ranting for today (or now) and back to the shopping... I popped by Topshop to scope out new trends and sniff for some good finds. I found myself drawn only to color, especially prints and immediately felt like embracing the whole print on print situation. And I'm totally feeling the Aztec thing... or Mayan? Which is kind of fitting with the imminent approach to the whole December 2012 'end-of-the-world' prediction/rebirth. So if we all do die, we'd could be like "Yep we knew it.... just look at what we're wearing.... totes predict" This really gives new meaning to getting 'caught dead wearing something' huh! (kinda..)
top TOPMAN, necklace & leggings TOPSHOP

26 May 2012


Being a very sensitive to heat person, I find London's cold and chilly weather quite soothing actually. Unfortunately that's out the window (actually it's not out the window, it's hot out there), so I get to enjoy sweating even while downing a mango passion-fruit frappuccino. It's HOT out there... Don't get me wrong, I love the sun and the summery weather but I just need to find sporadic shelters every so often, and when I say shelter, I mean places with ice cold drinks and AIR-CON! I once asked the omnipresent question of why don't most London flats have air-cons installed? In which I often got the reply, "London's too cold to need to have air-cons..." I think that might be the case ten years ago, but seriously I need air-con like a burn victim needs morphine to sleep in this weather. Oh! And I am not liking creepy crawlers with wings flying into my flat unwelcomed. Still, I guess I'm gonna start soaking up the sun and enjoying the really good weather, it's been blue skies with no clouds in sight with constant sun for days now, such Californian weather! Weird but nice. Oh and I leave on a fashion note regarding some sneak peaks of Givenchy's menswear F/W 2012-3 and a preview of the pre-spring collection (which I'm super excited to go check out up close, loving the color scheme already!).

23 May 2012


The whole town's been buzzing about today's amazingly good weather. Yep, I actually sweated a bit in just a t-shirt, so it's official, summery weather has fallen upon us. Personal note: With hot weather means start avoiding packed places aka. the tube (especially rush hour....It got really, erm... full of bodily secretions and a heat that only close human contact can produce and resonate about....ewwww). It got so stuffy to the point that announcements of "carrying a bottle of water to reduce heat" was broadcasted on repeat because apparently some folks passed out. Still, I haven't felt such nice weather since, well.. since September actually! You just know everyone's gonna be sporting their summery looks that they've been stocking up since New Year's. It's a damn good feeling to start traveling around without one hand carrying a jacket. Even though we've still got a few projects and an essay to finish up, all I want to do at this moment is dive into a pool at some exotic location and chill out for a month........ Now that's something to look forward to!
top COMME des GARÇONS, body harness ZANA BAYNE, trousers JUNYA WATANABE, shoes UNDERGROUND, sunglasses LINDA FARROW

20 May 2012

Lace on Grass

Alas! The Victorian-themed birthday picnic party hosted by dear friend Mich Dulce finally happened! Since it was sadly postponed for a week as London's PMS weather chose to poo poo on her special day, but this time its indecisive climate mood swing actually decided to bless us with sun... Lots of it! We replaced tradition tea with rose wine, champagne and vodka, but still kept the English delights of homemade cupcakes and cucumber sandwiches (god I love them...), which were all thoughtfully arranged on three-tiered high tea trays. How dainty! *extends my pinky as I sip my wine, I mean... tea...) And it wouldn't be a full Victorian event if we didn't play croquet. Yes... That's right, I said CROQUET! I did feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland playing with the Queen of Hearts (minus the fear of having my head chopped off). With all the lace and top hats, monocles and bonnets, I was quite transported to another world. Except the occasional odd stares and unavoidable sneak photo takings of us. Funny enough, several pedestrians mistaken Mich's bday picnic as some kind of wedding reception! And some actually thought I was the groom because I was the most dressed-up victorian bloke there apparently? lol

Now I sit back relax, and pick up the damn vacuum and go crazy on cleaning my inhabitable wrecked flat! I want my flat to be clean, and when I say clean, I mean Asian-cleaner clean!!! (I'm allowed to say that). I am considering hiring a part-time cleaner... omg it's sooo horrible to say it out loud, but I don't even have time to clean my kitchen...ewwww..... But at least Mich's birthday got me thinking about my own birthday which is coming up... I never really threw a massive party and I'm not about to start that..... Hmmm.... Birthday for moi.. What should I do? Suggestion my lovelies?
hat VINTAGE, shirt BROOKS BROTHERS, waistcoat JEAN PAUL GAULTIER, coat & trousers COMME DES GARCON, gloves ARISTIDE, shoes ACNE, necklace & ascot DIY

 Happy Birthday Mich! xx

18 May 2012


Even in the midst of a big project, I just had to spare some time to shoot an outfit since my newly coveted pieces form the Dover Street Market CDG sale have yet had the chance to see broad daylight. Just like skirts on sluts, I'm gonna keep this post as short and tight as I can (but not as vulgar). Enjoy these pics while I continue to pull an all-nighter to finish up on illustrations. Don't fret, I'm gonna seriously chill out this weekend to make up for a stress-filled project cycle.

visor & body harness FLEET ILYA, sleeveless blazer SONG ZIO HOMME, top REEM, skirt COMME des GARÇONS, trousers MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA, shoes BALENCIAGA

16 May 2012


Even though my friends are already heading off one-by-one to Cannes (it's tradition), I chose to sit this one out for several personal reasons (nothing serious, mostly due to commitments and work). I'm probably gonna regret not going and I'd have to apologize to my mates for not joining in, but I'm sure the mojito fun and beach side snoozes will keep them well preoccupied. Still, I must thank my dear friends for the invite! There's always next year- I guarantee by next year this time I'd be blogging from Cannes, uploading sunny shots and gorgeous beings wearing couture. Unlike most full time bloggers, I really can't tug on every single opportunity to jet off to party (although how great does that sound now with me up to my eyeballs in paper cutouts and fabric samples...), so I'd have to leave it to them for now to entertain you and for you to live vicariously through them.

Back here in London and in a previous post, I previewed 'sneak peak' shots of the photoshoot for my shirt project garment. At last, here they are... Feast your eyes upon, um.... ok.. I'm too tired to do the voice, haha, so just have a gander at my final look. Even though the original shoot was meant to take place outdoors, the sporadic rainfall a few weeks ago made it impossible to venture out anywhere, but luckily enough my photographer friend Misato worked her DSLR magic and was able to capture a good handful of decent shots (mine were significantly amateur compared to hers, haha). Special thanks again to all who helped out with this shoot, couldn't have done it without you guys. xx
styling NATHAN MOY
photography MISATO KARIBE
makeup NAO
model HESTER
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