31 August 2012


It goes without saying that every season, Prada’s one of those big league shows where the whole world scrutinizes and soaks in the entire experience hoping to decipher Miuccia's infamous subtexts. So when she paraded a plethora of pantsuits in all its geometric glory, it was a no brainer that these heady clash of patterns were inevitably going to be a mega trend for fall. Like all her previous shows, the clothes and concepts were phenomenal, from the rubber encased oxfords to the hair and make up, loved it with every fashion fiber in me; BUT I’m deciding to steer away from this geo-print craze as I feel that the retro allure is going to have the life span of fruit flies and diary products. Having that said, the subtle plexi, sequin, and reflective acrylic embellishments that mirrored (pun intended) the prints were something else, which is why I opted for the plexi-collared sleeveless shirt simply because I’m currently obsessed with chunky embellishments which basically is just an extension of my lust for bumpy texture, but come on, there is a difference. Plus I kinda like how the word "plexi" sounds like a stripper's stage name.
biker 3.1 PHILLIP LIM, shirt PRADA, trousers H&M, bracelet TOPSHOP, shoes BALENCIAGA, bag PROENZA SCHOULER

28 August 2012

Christopher Kane GIVEAWAY

If the title of this post wasn't obvious enough, The Provoker proudly presents its second giveaway! Since the last one was so much fun, let's not let the sartorial joy end. Previously, I offered up an Alexander McQueen silk-chiffon skull print scarf. This time, I'm giving away a Christopher Kane women's lava print tee with aqua jelly collar in green and navy blue. For those of you who recognize the tee, yes, I've worn it once for an outfit post here a month ago, or you're simply a Chris Kane fan and just know of his work. Either way one of you lucky readers are gonna receive a new Kane tee in their probably already overflowing closet.

Note: The size of the t-shirt is a women's LARGE, but it's a bit form-fitting so it fits more like a medium which is my size. But it'll still fit any girl from a size 34 - 42. The fabric is 100% modal (signature Christopher Kane tee fabric) and is very smooth and light-weighted. Original Christopher Kane swing tag still intact. Yay!


To enter, all you have to do is follow me on Blogger, Bloglovin', Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and of course leave a comment with your e-mail so I can reach you. 

The Giveaway ends on the 4th September.


...best of luck to you all!

26 August 2012

L'enfant Terrible

Yesterday morning I took my new footwear out around the block hoping to see how people would react to them. The empty streets left me no choice but to provoke a bus. Yep, my provocation knows no bounds and has moved onto public vehicles; so basically, I molested a bus through my unladylike antics. These chunky platform sandals possess the uncanny effect of looking as if they are oozing seaweed from every possible exposed surface. Allow me to present to you all my chunky John Rocha SS12 seaweed strappy platforms sandals, perfect for days when you feel like flashing your furry legs (note my never shaven legs) in public domain whilst looking like you've dragged your legs around the coast of Mexico and brought back half the oil-cover kelp fields on your feet. *sniff* I can just smell the ocean and all its stale, fishy glory.

24 August 2012

Neon Turquoise

For those of you who've been following and actually reading my blog (yay for literacy....), you should be well aware of my infamous aversion to heat. Not to say that I don't appreciate the sun, but I get really antsy when I start sweating in my Céline. If you intend to approach me on a hot day, start of by offering me an icy cold drink if we're gonna talk business. So when the temperature generously drooped down to actually being chilly at night, I daringly retrieved from the "archive" closet my *gasp* neon Alexander Wang jumper and paired it with some mint turquoise shorts and jewelry, for it's been a while since I've left home decked out in bright colors or "played around" with color blocking. Complimented by tossing on some wrist bling, this is my "Fortnum & Mason Posh Tea Look" or just something along those lines, I can't be bothered to come up with some bullshit excuse for what I'm wearing at the moment. Though I did turn quite a few heads with my neon turquoise combo; but to be honest, I have to give credit to my acrylic Victorian necklace and four inch flatform sneakers. What is it about a platform shoe that always seem to incite people? 

Here's the million dollar question:
Do men feel emasculated if they were to wear a platformed shoe? Does it lengthen the leg but shorten the dick?
frames & necklace BOUTIQUE, jumper ALEXANDER WANG, shorts H&M, bracelets ZARA, metal cuff & ring MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA, shoes SUBSTITUTE

P.S. In case you guys didn't see my tweet a while back, I congratulated Michael Ford for winning the Alexander McQueen scarf from my first giveaway and he kindly did a post on it, proof that someone received the scarf. Big thanks again to all that entered the giveaway, more to come I guarantee.
image from Michael Ford's blog

21 August 2012

Fools for Foliage

In hopes of provoking the good ol' Sunday folks of East London in my dungaree shorts, I myself have been ironically provoked by it as I unknowingly chosen the hottest day of the year (32 freakin' degrees) to wear denim dungarees and high top Buffalo platformed sneakers. As if ducking for every shaded area wasn't draining enough, I went through three bottles of water, two cokes and a San Pellegrino Aranciata just to make it through without being clinically dehydrated. Fortunately, the unforeseen heat wave didn't put that much of a damper on me as I refuse to be down on my first visit to the infamous Columbia Road Flower Market. I joined up with the lovely Shini, Charlie, and Kit at around 4:30pm as we snagged the best bargains (a pound for a bundle yelled the barrow boys). Well.... so much for me trying to work my "Flower Market Look"... Who's gonna notice it when you're drenched in your own sweat as if you just found your way out of the Sahara. I looked like I worked the market more than visiting it. Amen to jamming my heat-swollen feet into some impractical footwear and loading my arms with bracelets just enough to reestablish my identity as a visitor. Ah! The importance of accessorizing.. Jot that down in your Fashionary. Perhaps a Marni raffia wide-brimmed sun hat will do the trick too, but as fashionable as hats are, nothing should cover my head trapping more heat on a day like this.
shirt, ring & sunglasses BOUTIQUE, dungaree VINTAGE, shoes BUFFALO, bracelets MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA

outfit shot by Shini
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