28 October 2012


There's nothing like wearing plastic that makes you feel so....err... out of place. So rather than running my errands like I'm suppose to, I channeled the Matrix look and catwalked around West London, freaking everyone out from toddlers that were too old to still be pushed around in strollers, to posh lil' grannies on their morning walks. Could this be a potential Halloween costume or simply an excuse to dress like a dominatrix (minus the paddle and whip for now)? I didn't know whether it was the PVC coat, red mirrored specs, or stilts that I call shoes that did the trick, but the pedestrians were undoubtedly provoked. Though I must admit, strutting around in this coat for half an hour started to make my bare arms feel like they're wrapped up in condoms. Note to self, minimize direct skin contact with plastic surface.

coat KTZ, top BALENCIAGA (mens), necklace MIU MIU, sunglasses SUNPOCKET, trousers ZARA, shoes SUBSTITUTE, motorcycle BMW K1200S

25 October 2012

Feeling Foxy

A while back, I was obsessed with owning a blue fox fur coat; but the only ones available were new ones, and they were way out of my budget (for rent!). So I resorted to scouring the vintage stores in East London, finally spotting one that's reasonably priced, light colored, and in fairly good condition. But before I head off and possibly wreck the fur in my attempt to change its color, let me first do an outfit post with it. Who knows, the next time you see this it could just be a blotchy blue blob of mush. And to add more to my provocative ways, I borrowed my friend's thick stockings that masqueraded as leggings and Mary-Jane triple-strapped ballerina flatforms for the bottom half of me to prance around in. Would you believe that a policeman told me to leave the premises as I was photoshooting in a supposedly restricted area? Imagine if he arrested me and I had to lounge in a holding cell wearing this outfit..... I'd look like a proper whore (but at least I'd be warm).

fur coat VINTAGE, t-shirt TOPMAN, necklace LANVIN (mens), belt BANANA REPUBLIC, gloves MOGA E MAGO, shorts and stockings BOUTIQUE, shoes BELLY BUTTON

21 October 2012

Meeting Sandra

While scoping out the scene at London Fashion Weekend, I stumbled aimlessly into the West Wing, entering the same room that my friend/Milliner designer Mich Dulce set up her stall for LFW. In the corner stood the charismatic Sandra from 5 Inch and Up, who took a quick glance at my outfit and complimented me on my Acne Avalanche boots before I even had chance to notice who that phrase from (of course Sandra could smell Acne leather from a mile away). Despite being "5 inch and up", she is oh so down-to-earth. After the inevitable sartorial and blogger-to-blogger banter, I promptly tried on some pieces from her collection in collaboration with Nelly. The Nordic-effortless elements of the garments were cut in a way that fitted me like a glove. Perhaps it was her application of masculine cuts with feminine shapes that did the trick, but whatever it is it worked. So let's just say how could I not support one of my favorite UK bloggers... I envisioned this outfit post the moment Sandra tweeted our "twins" pic. #BlogWorthy

 hat BOUTIQUE, shirt DAMIR DOMA, shorts 5 INCH AND UP x NELLY, shoes PUZZLE by PUZZLE, clutch ALEXANDER WANG, necklace & bracelet MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA, ring bracelet ASOS

17 October 2012

The "New" Red

Which blogger hasn't done an outfit post and titled it "Burgundy" whilst wearing one or two pieces of clothing in that shade? Well, if this is supposedly the new "must-have" color in your closet then so be it. That's the thing with these trend colors, you can't prevent them from sneaking into your wardrobe when you're an avid shopper, embrace the inevitable and succumb to it. So, I chose to pile all the burgundy tones I could get hold of onto myself. What better color to go with burgundy than burgundy!? Besides, you know you're gonna be tired of this color next season, mind as well "wear" it out.
jacket HARRIS WHEEL LONDON, top & cropped jumper GIVENCHY, trousers H&M, heels MIU MIU, sunglasses & tote CÉLINE, bracelets BALENCIAGA & ASOS, ring YVES SAINT LAURENT & RICK OWENS

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