23 October 2013

Oh Stella, ma' Stella

Yeshh, I've gone as far as to take the concept of consuming Stella McCartney products a bit too literally, in which I 'candidly' devour chunks off the coated rubber sole that would perhaps lie dormant in my system for the next decade; thereby assuring that I'm always apart of her designs.... mentally and physically (spiritually?). Ever since snagging those Miu Miu burgundy loafer heels back in FW12, it's been a while since I've found a sturdy pair of chunky heeled footwear deemed formally worthy (and provocative enough) as business attire or just me wanting to stand four inches taller. Either way, it's my new go-to black shoes that permit me to trot around the city while easily-amused tourists and surprisingly nosy children continue to nudge their friends to stare at my feet because to them, and guy in a pair of chunky heeled clog-mule hybrid is the same as a guy in stilettos, even though us fashion folks can hopefully still differentiate trendy from tranny. I guess I'm not as far away from being a provoker as I thought.
 heels STELLA MCCARTNEY, top ZARA, necklace MARNI, bracelet CÉLINE & ASOS & WHISTLES


  1. Nice shoes and you are sure a provoker of fashion forward minds


  2. Hahaha great post! Definitely a provoker with great shoes

  3. Great shoe and very great and crazy photos!!! Love them!




  4. Okay I have just found your blog and I am in love with it!
    Such a breath of fresh air to see something so different and out there!
    Plus i'm sure I saw you at Paris fashion week haha?!

    Anyways love your blog, I am now a huge fan!

    Followed :)


  5. hahaha very cool! you're stella is better than my


  6. Cool pics! Haha you make me smile! Have a great day!


    WHF sisters <3

  7. hahaha sooo crazy!! I love it!!! Love that necklace I wanna one for me!!!!

    Check up my lastest post! --- Fall in plaid---

    Lady Trends
    http://myladytrends.blogspot.com.es/ NEW POST!!!


  8. More than in love with this heels.


  9. hahaha i can tell you're in love - eating shoes! i love your top too with those oversized statement pockets!!!

    rachel x

    1. Thank you, those huge ass pockets really comes in handy!

  10. Replies
    1. Hahaha! I know right? Ah well, there's always gonna be people taking things the wrong way just to please themselves. Thanks for the loves XX

  11. these are perfect. can't wait to see you style them.


    1. Thanks, I'm thinking frayed denim might be the way to go, but we'd see...

  12. Great post! Love your tee! xxx

  13. I love the pics! The shoes are amazing!

  14. Replies
    1. Wait till you see my next accessory eating post, lol!

  15. I love your blog! following each other's blog and facebook page? *.*


  16. noooo, don't eat them ... give 'em to me instead!

    1. Haha, no no, these ones must be consumed!

  17. Big shoes! but they look comfortable! :)

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