07 December 2013

Floral Clutchin'

After a recent purchase of an Acne's modern take on a vintage vanity case, I've sort of began taking a liking to bags of the hard-cased variety. As much as one can fantasies about coveting a Chanel No.5 bottle bag or Olympia Le-Tan embroidered book clutch, I've settled for a much more, humbling alternative (for now at least). A few weeks ago while I was back in Hong Kong, a friend and I stumbled aimlessly into one of those mini-malls packed full of brand-less boutiques that allegedly import clothes and beauty products from Japan and Korea (though many items I suspect are from China, but let's not 'go there'). Amongst the midst of a pile of sparkly and bordering tacky over-crystal adorned clutches, I came across a plexi box that perhaps looked much better just purely by comparison to its neighboring whores. To disprove that, I airlifted it out of that god-forsaken mess and scrutinized it. The verdict? I didn't hate it, which means, I may kinda-sorta-maybe-perhaps-possibly not-not want to have it. Plus finding out it was only around 60USD and further reduced to about 50 bucks, it was a no-brainer. The store clerk need not convince me with 'facts' that it was imported exclusively from Tokyo, or that there was only one left 'cause it was so popular blah blah info that meant to make the piece more 'desirable' (don't you just hate it when they try to do that when you yourself already is doing mental pros vs cons). The fact was that I already checked off enough boxes in my mind to reach for a credit card, and sign the bill that made it legally mine. So there you have it, my newly adopted floral clutch/shoulder bag, ain't she a beaut! She'd fit right in with my little library here in my New York home.
box clutch BOUTIQUE


  1. you chose a beautiful clutch! really love this floral pattern :)


  2. LOVE THE CLUTCH!! super jelly you found such a gem! and that library... oh my oh my... she's a beaut!!!

    rachel x

  3. What a beautiful bag! Great bookshelves too :)



  4. This is just the perfect bag! I adore the floral print, the shape and size. I need to find one similar to yours.


  5. How stunning is that bag!!! And the pictures are amazing! Creative and stylish, LOVE!!!


  6. Very nice bag! :)


  7. that floral clutch is bangin!
    and only for so cheap?! thanks for dropping by my blog sweetie.
    I've followed you as well! Lovin your blog! :)

    xoxo, Jules
    Visit my Blog Here!

  8. Depending on the last photo, if you have this clutch sex is not necessary ( just for one night). Love your photos, glad to find your blog


  9. wow, it looks great and I can`t believe the price! love how creative you are (and seeing your looks from this blog I am indeed entitled to say that <3) and maan, that library would definitely work like an aphrodisiac!!!
    kisses to you, Nathan!

  10. Gorgeous clutch! I love my KS book clutch, they're the best although pricey!
    xo Tia | www.bigcitytyro.com

  11. Amazing clutch!



  12. divine styling!! 
    I adore your style,.
    elegant look!!!

    more of these~!~~!~!


  13. your blog is amazing :)


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