16 December 2013

Hidden Gem

I do this quite a lot. When it comes to bag purchases, I can't for the sake of me just be 'normal' and get one that is practical, lasts for seasons, and ages well. No, I always end up buying the most impractical bag that requires at least one hand to grasp onto at all times, and that can basically hold no more than just a credit card and some wadded up dollar bills, oh and maybe toothpicks, while the bag itself weighs like an anchor. Well... I'm never one to shop for practicality. I find the notion of such benefit to be an added bonus. Go for aesthetic, not function. Having that said, just the other day, I had the rare opportunity to head on over to the Balenciaga's New York corporate office and ransack their archive, and discovered a little hidden gem. This adorable, but deadly Cherche Midi Pouchette was engineered out of real crocodile leather, designed with agate accents and brass hardware. As I became utterly enamored with such feat of genius accessory construction, the staff informed me that this hailed from the Spring 2009 catwalk. After doing some quick iPhone backchecking, it happens to be the featured runway clutch on the finale look of that season! #CollectorsPiece. While I was still unable to exactly label what laid in my hands was either a purse, a clutch, a wristlet, or a pochette, I just knew, I'z gotz to haz it.



  1. Waaw love it ! :)

    Little questions and answer session now on my blog for 1 year The Fashion Panda.
    Ask me anything :)


  2. Awesome!


  3. Amazing post!!!

    I love it!!!

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  4. What a beautiful piece, the color and all details are just perfect!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  5. Great clutch and you might be right, this one isn’t that practical if you want to take a lot of stuffs with you. But maybe this one is YOU!

  6. What a unique bag- you've photographed it so nicely! xo



  7. Hi dear love ur blog,would you like to follow each other ? =)


  8. OMG! Amazing pictures! I am in love now :)
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment in my blog! :) If you would like to follow each other let me know :)

  9. great post! would you like to follow eachother?


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