02 May 2014

Vegan Fibers

As appealing as it is to being a vegetarian, it's still way too hard to quit meat. Self-deceiving thoughts plague my brain, thinking I'm on somewhat of a healthy diet eating kale salads, drinking Juice Press, dipping celery in hummus, and opting for beetroot couscous; yet like addicts before me, I relapse and gorge on a 16oz steak or line my stomach with greasy Chinese food. But to be fair, the amount of 'health' food I do consume outweighs the fatty ones. So why ramble on about dietary shenanigans? Well, I figured since I failed to commit to a strict diet of mere vegetation, then perhaps through clothing I might succeed? Imagine a very Stella McCartney lifestyle if you may. I'm forgoing polyester at the moment - though lord knows I love viscose - and have taken a liking to fibers of the organic variety. I'm a novice when it comes to this sartorial genre, and in these situations, I turn to Zara (mecca of fast trends and slow queues). A linen suit? Hmm... Give it a moment, it grows on you. The blazer is instantly stripped from its formality purely due to its casual fabrication, talk about laid-back! Okay, I admit, my check-knit slip-on sneakers do possess a leather sole, so before you even try to highlight the present hypocrisy, I'm fully aware. #Thanks That aside, the accessory du jour has got to go to the canvas graffiti bag, very 'natural' with unnatural details (those are rock-climbing robes and buckles that dangle across the bag). It's one of those things where you're like "do I love it or hate it?". Hey, fuck it, it's got that quirk that jazzes up the most mundane of ensembles. But honestly guys, who am I kidding? I'm probably not going to make it as a vegan dresser, but it would be hilarious to crossover food with fashion, in the context that imagine one day, when purchasing garments, we come across tags with phrases like "these culottes may contain nuts", "gluten-free crop tops", or "kosher lingerie". Oh how we'd ever get dressed to leave the house is beyond me.
shirt H&M WOMEN'S (SIMILAR) | blazer & trousers ZARA WOMEN'S S/S14 (HERE) & (HERE) | slip-on sneakers CÉLINE S/S14 (HERE) | bag CHANEL S/S14 (HERE)


  1. These shoes are too perfect!!


  2. I love these shoes! Amazing pictures ;) I like your smile :3


  3. I love your bag. Absolutely great.

  4. You gorgeous creature, I love you in this suit! Beige like complements your everything! Haha xoxo Gabs

    1. You're a sweetheart Gabs, beige for all, or all for none!

  5. Cool outfit! Love the bag!!! :) xx

  6. Loving this look on you, Nathan! The neutral tones are great and glad you got to showcase your new bag and shoes! And hey, I am a vegetarian but still wear leather- we can't all be perfect ;)



    1. You are? Cheers to that! I find it's too much of a commitment to live an overly vegetarian/vegan lifestyle these days, just keeping it to a minimal will do for now, bravo.

  7. Replies
    1. YES! Someone who reads my words, makes editing for hours worth it!

  8. wow I love this bag! great post:) thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!

    xx Elena

  9. Great shoes!

  10. Great shoes and Chanel's bag! Thank for your comment. It was very nice. Sorry for all mistakes. My english isn't very good. :)

  11. I wish I could GIF like you! Your posts are amazing!!!! I also wouldn't mind stealing your sneakers!!


    1. I suggest just dorking it out in front of a camera, and dance dance away! #DorkItOut

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  13. Nice look, cool shoes.I cant imagine not eating meat, it makes no sense. Love your your energy, you seem fun. Following your blog now.


    1. Sending my energy your way.... are you dancing yet? Lol!

  14. Very cool outfit! Love the shoes :)

  15. Love, love, love your outfit. The bag?! Dying!!!! Love it all. And more than anything, I love your vibrant personality. Following back :)

    xo Brittany

    1. Glad you do, hope it rubs off and also lets you 'shine bright like a diamond'.

  16. So cute with the white suit and the bag I love it!!

  17. Really love the shoes! Originals and chic!


  18. Oh, I love the gif! Funny photos, really great outfit! :)
    Muilo Burbulai

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