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14 January 2012


To purchase much sought after quality fabric on Berwick Street is no walk in the park, especially on weekends. You pretty much find yourself revealing your rather domineering trait, trying to rummage and scour every inch of the store interior till you find the right fabric, which then you'd have to somehow quickly scan the room and insinuate or gesture to the people who work there that you are in need of assistance, which always meant trying to fight over your fellow peers about who was there waiting first. This whole process is hilarious because instead of keeping quiet and trying to use your gaze to fight each other, I simply find it easier to yell out "could you please cut a meter of this thanks". I then pay and leave without having the unfortunate need to start a staring contest with strangers I'd prefer not to meet again. After managing to finally get my turn at getting the required fabric I need, I squeeze my way out of the masses to catch a long overdue breath of fresh air.

Instead of the whole neon/color/print ensemble, I woke up this morning feeling quite moody but not exactly in a depressing way, I just wasn't so keen and in tuned with the colors around me as I normally would. Hence the choice of putting on a muted (very muted) palette.

Top - Song Zio Homme
Leather Jacket - Ekam Japan
Knit Piece - Maison Martin Margiela
Trousers - Rococo
Body Chain - Cornelia Webb
Bronze Armored Ring - Rick Owens 
Jewel Ring - Yves Saint Laurent
Leather Bracelet - Balenciaga
Shoes - Alexander McQueen
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