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26 August 2012

L'enfant Terrible

Yesterday morning I took my new footwear out around the block hoping to see how people would react to them. The empty streets left me no choice but to provoke a bus. Yep, my provocation knows no bounds and has moved onto public vehicles; so basically, I molested a bus through my unladylike antics. These chunky platform sandals possess the uncanny effect of looking as if they are oozing seaweed from every possible exposed surface. Allow me to present to you all my chunky John Rocha SS12 seaweed strappy platforms sandals, perfect for days when you feel like flashing your furry legs (note my never shaven legs) in public domain whilst looking like you've dragged your legs around the coast of Mexico and brought back half the oil-cover kelp fields on your feet. *sniff* I can just smell the ocean and all its stale, fishy glory.

09 July 2012

Urban Aztec

Catching up with mates, gulping down proper food and getting foot massages does put me in a jolly mood. I agree five consecutive days of getting massages did seem a tee bit excessive, then again isn't that what they do at SPA getaways? While I loitered around the Peak (highest point of Central overlooking the whole city), I've almost forgotten how beautiful Hong Kong can be during both day and night. And since everything is so vertical here, I've been especially loving to dig out the hidden cafes, restaurants and shisha bars (most are newly renovated and equipped with open terraces) all the way up in those vintage looking architectures providing different viewpoints of the town. But the one main downside is that I'm not too fond of the conformist clubbing scene, but the good thing is that there's so much to do in the city that when people talk about 'nightlife', you hardly first jump to only clubbing.
sunglasses HENRY HOLLAND for LESPECS, earcuff ASOS, top TOPMAN, necklace & leggings TOPSHOP, shorts GIVENCHY, clutch EBAY, bracelets LN-CC

photographed by Callie G.

16 February 2012


Living between cities, one of the best fashion accessories is a pair of well made shades. I guess many may disagree and argue it's the marketed up 'it' bag that carries it all, or a pair of designer shoes that transition perfectly from day to night without gnawing away at your ankles (haven't we all been there...). Why I would notion that shades are so great is that it gives immediate incognito to the wearer and thereby provides them with that special mystery that has so been lost in our bustling world of identity orgy. As long as you don't imitate L.A. actors by gluing your shades onto your face for they seem to not be able to remove them even during the night, then investing and slapping on a sick pair of sunglasses will never go out of fashion, and will always guarantee to give your outfit just a pump up in the glam glam shazam department. Check out Henry Holland's new line for Le Specs that provides a range of youthful specs that are perfect for city slickers and holiday hunters.
Sunglasses - Henry Holland for Le Specs
Top - Reem

Henry Holland for Le Specs


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