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12 August 2012

The Tale of The Sale

For those who weren't "in the know" about the London blogger yard sale that went down yesterday, it was well worth the trip. I finally got to mingle with and meet all my favourite UK bloggers, which was kind of surreal seeing them in 3D when you're so use to their 2D personas. Though not being officially part of the blogger sale, I relished in helping out the lovely Shini from Park&Cube (check out my approval backhand stamp yo) with selling accessories at her booth while she mans the clothing rails. It's all about marketing persuasion people:
"Those sunglasses make your ass look fab!" = SOLD

The turn out was crazy, it was literally waves and waves of fashionistas spawning from what I'm assuming outside the gate? It was impossible to leave your booth to go to the loo without the fear of someone just nicking away your goods, man your battle stations (and use a bottle to pee)! Time flew by surprisingly quickly for the first few hours, we got live music followed by beer and Thai chicken satay (thank you Susie and Steve) complimented with freshly sliced cucumbers and peanut chili sauce with just a touch of lime. As for bargain hunting, for some reason, I was really drawn to exotic skins and managed to leave with FOUR belts (that I would most likely sport as wrist-candy) which came in baby blue ostrich, two in natural beige python, a scarlet red one with scalloped edges and a pair of pony hair oxfords. I find skin textures to be oh so provoking, don't you?
cap BOUTIQUE, sunglasses CÉLINE, top, necklace & earring GIVENCHY, bag PROENZA SCHOULER PS11, bracelets LANVIN & BALENCIAGA (Scarlet Red one from Charlie May at Girl a la Mode), ring MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA, trousers ZARA, belt BANANA REPUBLIC (from Lexi)

Big thanks to all the bloggers and writers for a mind-provoking afternoon!

02 June 2012


They say April Showers bring May Flowers, but I say May Mails predict June Sales... It's the time of year where rampant sample sales sprout out in otherwise abandoned studio spaces all around London. Yours truly has had quite the joy reaping and exploiting these mad discounts (actually, more like they were exploiting me). Ever since the DSM sale, I've been craving more, but the thrill just wasn't wild enough to quench my lust for over-the-top shopping every now and then. Either improving my skill of strategic shopping has in fact numbed me or I just don't get off on the three-dimensional shopping experience anymore (as in you just want to buy, not shop). I love sample sales like comic-book nerds love Sci-fi conventions, but is it me, or have anyone else realised that London's shopping circuit (especially these sample sales) have been dominated by gaysians and their hags? I'm scared....

Even though I didn't leave yesterday's JW Anderson's sale empty-handed, the selection was so limited and the studio room so tiny the experience was just awful. Like trying to maneuver around 30 people in a cramped walk-in-closet, yuck.... And some bitch took the jacket that I was gonna buy.... But, I was pleased with Christopher Kane's sample sale. There weren't much of a wide selection, but they were the right ones. Managed to leave with some SS11 galaxy printed pieces and two aqua clutches (since I couldn't decide which one I wanted more, as always). Also got the chance to briefly meet other UK bloggers at the sale. It's silly but it was quite surreal seeing them in person after seeing them simply through pictures. Kind of like when you meet your friend's friend for the first time and you recognize their face during your Facebook photo stalking sessions.
top, cardigan & clutch CHRISTOPHER KANE, trousers RAD HOURANI, horn earring GIVENCHY, knuckle duster ring ALEXANDER McQUEEN, shoes BALENCIAGA

11 May 2012


people changing in front of mirrors at DSM sale
Since I can't be attending Australia Fashion Week, I refuse to not relish in the fact that I'm in London and get to scope out Dover Street Market's Annual (or is it biannual?) Market Museum and exploit their serious discounts! It's funny how many people you end up bumping into. Yes, it's the usual "fashion crowd" and I swear I've seen these people at BFC nibbling away at freebies or decked out in their "Tommy-Ton's-gonna-shoot-me" street style worthy ensembles. I arrived at 10, luckily with a super simple outfit simply wanting to check out the scene. Since it's my first DSM sale trip, I brought with me my trusty DSLR to document this 'experience'. Ok, so enough about that, here's the STYLE NICHE run down slash walkthrough on how to survive this um... let's say pandemonium. You've got two more days, and hopefully you're not reading this before it's too late. 

1. Start the engine: The event kicks off at 10, but sales are the only time when fashionistas would even actually be fashionably early (which goes to show what lengths people would go through for a 150 pound pair of Celine chunky heel booties)! So if you cant make the early bird session, and arrive at 10 or 10:30 (don't be later than that, people grab things fast...), you still got a chance for something decent, and the queue moves really fast! 

2. Checking in: Once you enter, you have to check in your coat and bag, and hopefully you'd be smart enough to have sported slip on shoes, and worn a thin layer top and a drawstring skirt that you could just yank off because trust me, you'd be changing a lot! Keep it simple! Don't wear jewelry or rings or hats too. Some people actually dressed up for this (No one cares!! It's not fashion week! That's just weak fashion....).

3. Walk it off: Once you've grabbed your massive polyester plaid tote to toss all your goodies in, you'd enter the shoe gallery, all shoes are displayed, if you spot something you like but it's not in your size, just look under that pile or around it for the right size. Simple and logical.

4. Channel you inner hoarder: Now we get to the clothes. If you really are determined, go by each rail and literally comb through them all. Even if it's only 'somewhat' interesting and you 'kinda' like it, take it's hanger off and roll it up and stuff it in your bag. Go through it all and collect your favorite pieces before it's swiped. Don't look at the price, just take it first. Why would you be doing the math?!

5. Bare it all: Here comes the easy part. Move your way to the front of the room where the four mirrors are aka. the changing room. There's no separation of sexes, everyone's pretty much in their knickers. No one stares at anyone... well... except for the one weird guy who stayed in his briefs standing there for a bit too long showing off his toned body. It's Dover Street Market, not the Dover Meat Market.

6. Cash it out: Then return to where you came from and cough up the credit cards. You'd be surprised, even though you've grabbed 10 pieces, the total can be surprisingly tiny! Yay for 75% off!

As for brands, it's probably around 85-90% Comme Des Garcon, but there are Givenchy, Celine, Raf Simons, Christopher Kane, etc. pieces, you know.. the usual DSM stuff. But if you're a fan of CDG, then come on over (if you're wondering why I didn't use the phrase "COMME on over", I'm better than that, haha). Don't worry about not making friday or the press show day, they apparently replenish new stock every new day. Hope this guide helps, and remember to keep an eye on your stuff while you're changing, it can get pretty hectic in there. Well, it's not THAT overwhelming to be honest, but just keep your cool and stay focused. I know it sucks that people go cray-cray but just remember to get in, get the target(s), get out. By the way, you should be putting on your slip on shoes by now and grabbing your house keys...
the queue looks long but you only need to wait for 7-10 minutes, so text and tweet...
the first sight you'd see....

all photographs taken by me
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